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June 27, 2006



Did you say Armando? Please. He's the perpetual candidate. He ganered a whopping 15.9% of the vote for his $115K.

He should not run.....ever.

More Reasons

Kermit Marsh forgot to tell you the real reason he is not running is because his wife did not give him permission to do so. Also, he is part of the ethically challenged OCGOP Executive Committee and therefore would not garner any support from his former friend, Tim Whitacre, who stood by him the first time Marsh ran unsuccessfully for the 1st. If Tim's not in his corner, others in Central O.C. will not be as well.

WWTD - What Would Tim Do?

Uh yeah -- I'm sure that's exactly the case.


I have heard a lot of rumbling about Carlos Bustamante...


The rumbling you've been hearing is from Bustamante, who would have been a lock to get appointed to fill the vacancy by Arnold, assuming Arnold beeats the tax man. Except, the GOP didn't want Gray Davis to appoint Joe Kerr or some other Dem to Todd's seat and came up with Measure V. No more appointments.

Now Measure V will most likely ensure that a Democrat wins this seat, Bustamante's hard work and purported endorsement by Pulido notwithstanding. What the Lord giveth, the Lord taketh away.

Dunn "has the character above reproach"?
Don't get me wrong, I like Joe, but I think you'd better double-check with folks in Sacramento on that point.


Anon @8:12am---- Bravely written. Most likely a GOP scud since Dunn's folks don't believe that and have too much class to post it even if they did.

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