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June 02, 2006


Chris Prevatt

Poor John Moorlach…

He is scared because he is being attacked by the big bad union dragons.

Oh my, how will we survive? How will we stop these horrible special interests?

Employee unions have brought down upon us such tragic and horrible things as…

  • Paid Vacations
  • Holidays
  • Sick Pay
  • Minimum Wage
  • 40 Hour Work Week
  • Lunch Breaks
  • 15 minute breaks
  • Overtime Pay
  • Weekends
  • Workplace Safety Laws
  • Social Security
  • Anti-discrimination Protections
  • Employer Paid Medical Insurance
  • Family Leave Protections
  • And the most horrible of all, Employer paid or sponsored Pension Plans
John Moorlach claims to be our savior, the man who saved us from bankruptcy.

Poor John claims that we still need him to stop the public employee unions from bankrupting the County again.


John Moorlach hasn’t saved anyone from anything, and there is nothing for him to save us from now.

Public Employee Unions did not cause the County Bankruptcy in 1994. It was the lack of oversight by the Board of Supervisors that facilitated the largest municipal bankruptcy in United States history.

Orange County employees are paying the bulk of their pension benefits directly out of their paychecks every two weeks. We have passed on cost of living pay increases since 2003, to cover the additional costs of our benefits.

We are not greedy or evil.

We are willing to fight to keep our benefits.

John Morlach has attacked the thousands of dedicated County employees who serve the people of Orange County every day. That is why we are willing to commit our resources to fight to keep the narrow-minded political opportunist with no real experience in governing named John Moorlach off the Orange County Board of Supervisors.

Vote for Shawver



Leaving your animus for Moorlach aside, can you honestly -- HONESTLY -- say that Dave Shawver is qualified to be a county supervisor?

Chris Prevatt


While Stanton is not the most prosperous city in the County, I think that 16 years of dealing with tight city budgets and limited revenue, gives Dave a running start.

I think that Dave will take a thoughtful approach to working with the other members of the Board of Supervisors to find workable solutions rather than engaging in knee jerk blaming, bashing, and demonizing of public employees.

You don’t survive sixteen years on a City Council, also serving on numerous other Boards and Commissions, without knowing how to work well with others to get things done.

John Moorlach, as Treasurer/Tax Collector, has his own little kingdom over which he rules. His poor judgment in bending County hiring rules to select as his successor a person of questionable integrity causes me to question his ability to be effective on the Board. John seems to believe that the rules do not apply to him. That attitude is not very conducive to effective governing or leadership.

So in answer to your question, I believe that Dave Shawver is the more qualified candidate for Supervisor in the 2nd District.


Right Chris, Shawver really takes thoughtful approaches to working with his colleagues---thats why the majority censured him for his conduct at meetings. Jubal is right about this---Shawver's a dud.

Go Chris

Shawver is no less qualified to be a Supervisor than any number of folks who have held the office over the years. Cynthia Coad comes to mind. I would think several on this blogpen would have liked her given her blind support of an airport at El Toro. Regardless of what you think of that issue, her successor has shown himself to have no honor or integrity unless it supports him and his bombastic lectures about high school mascots. Witness his putting three initiatives on the ballot and then campaigning against them. Is that not a usurping of the purposes of the initiative process in our democratic system?

Moorlach and others want to do away with the pension system as it relates to police and fire personnel. Making that group work till they are older is only going to cause them to endure a greater probability of injury causing disability retirements which would put an even greater strain on the sytem. Do you really want a 60 year old police officer chasing bad guys or a 60 year old firefighter trying to pull you out of a burning building? Think of your parents at that age and ask yourself if they could do the tasks demanded of those folks.

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