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June 30, 2006


Bist/Christy are Big RINOS

Santa Ana has more RINOS than the San Diego Wild Animal Park! Shame on Councilmember’s Bist and Christy, two of the biggest RINOS ( Republicans In Name Only) for trying to take away property rights. The great news is these two RINOS only have a couple more months on the council before term limits give them the political death they deserve. Bustamonte was with them on this for a while but looks like he found a pair of manly parts just in time. Pulido has always been the strongest on the council for standing up to the labor unions and these stupid ideas and is currently by far the most conservative member of the Santa Ana City council.... I wish the guys at the Lincoln Club (Henley, Dykama, Johns, etc) would not just give out checks to these clowns when they run for office but would also follow up with a phone call or two when they go ultra liberal on us like this. Good job OCblog.net for putting pressure on both these city councils..

Bustamante just made a deal, no integrity involved, no new found parts! The mayor will get the votes to kill the Inspection Program to help Bustamante save face if Bustamante votes down term limits on the mayor. Nothing more.
Pulido is hardly hated by the unions. He got the firefighters union rep, Debra Fritz the job of representing the beloved Santa Ana vending trucks when that whole fiasco was taking place. He's pretty in-step with the police guy Mark Nichols as well.
The Inspection program is dead for sure, but there's nothing clean in that vote.

larry gilbert

Jubal.Congratulations on your milestone of achieving two years with the blog.

You have provided a "real time" venue for us to share our opinions, without censorship, regardless of which side of the issue we may support.

Best regards,
Larry Gilbert, Mission Viejo

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