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June 29, 2006



If I were Beth Krom, or Larry Agran, I'd be a little worried.


Irvine has been a Republican town (by registration) since I can remember, all of our various Reps are Republicans (eg Chuck Devore), and we have been a reliable Republican ATM for a long time now. Larry's success has been based on his long term ties to Irvine - as ex-city manager, for example - not due to a lack of an organized Republican opposition.

Also, Matt: the city-wide offices are supposed to be non-partisan. This might be disorienting to politicos, but our factions are typically organized around actual issues like Shea's "family values coalition" and Agrans "No Airport" Injecting county-wide partisanship may not be the best way to win city elections in the town. I am certain Krom would love to associate her city-wide opponents with the likes of you.


Well said tylerh, except... the above was posted by Silence not by Matt... unless this is his third personality..


Matt -- you clearly don't grasp the political situation in Irvine. Despite all the Larry haters, he got more votes for council than any candidate in 2004 in spite of the ethics cloud the "Irvine First" team tried to pin on him.

How odd that Shea and Choi, two reliable Republicans, would bleat so loudly at the proposed ethics ordinances passed this year? Careful what you ask for I guess.

And Shea narrow beat an openly gay man in 2002; she won by less than 100 votes to someone who had never run for office before, and was -- I'll say it again -- an openly gay man.

Beth's last race for council, she was the overwhelming top vote getter. She has a strong track record of building bridges with all types of people in Irvine.

With every new neighborhood that pops up and every new East Coast or Midwestern transplant that moves in, Irvine gets more blue. The Republican majority in OC is a lot smaller than it used to be. I'm amused this office is opening for the purpose of electing a governor who is a RINO.


No worries -- I've grown accustomed to my critics crticizing me for posts I haven't written, things I haven't done and opinions I do not hold.


Also, FYI -- I couldn't post as anyone but Jubal, even if I wanted to. TypePad only permits one author identity per person per blog.

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