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June 26, 2006


I would say Jubal is fairly close on most of his predictions. I don’t see Umberg running. He will throw his support to Joe Dunn. Dunn may do it and if he does it will be a knockdown –drag out with Bustamante. Otherwies it is Bustamante all the way.

Marsh couldn’t win this race if he was the only candidate running. Even with his buddies on the central committee he couldn’t get it done. He comes across as nothing more than another snob who thinks he is better than everyone else. He makes Moorlach look like Johnny Carson.

The unions will have a hard time picking between Carlos and Joe. But in the end they will back their old friend Joe. Fronm there it is a crap shoot.

Either way whoever wins will take great pleasure in tormenting Moorlach and Norby.

Forget the assembly race altogether. Dirty Dick is going to cut and run on Daucher and leave her holding an empty campaign fund to run against Lou, who will pick-up all the labor money, even from the county unions who didn’t want him to run. The other reliable dem money will also be there just to make sure the seat stays in the dem party. That seat is lost forever to the OCR's.


I trolled for the latest gouge on the possible special election

I know what you meant, but that's best typo I've seen all week. Descriptive, too.

Allan Bartlett

Let's be honest here, Lynn Daucher is not going to win against Lou Correa in the 34th SD. Her consultants and Mr Correa will be the only winners.

As for the speculation about the Supe's seat, I'm just hoping a candidate emerges from the Republicans that will not cave in to the unions a la Silva, Campbell, and Wilson.

Powder Blue Report

Tom Daly anyone. He did just hire Jean Pasco.

Thomas Gordon

Councilman Bustamante should support other Republicans such as Ryan Gene in his bid for the 69th Assembly seat if he wants Republicans to support him.

Just what do owe Jose Solorio Carlos?

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