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June 08, 2006


Chuck's an Odd Duck

So are you that deep into Chuck D. that you delete a post that says he's odd?

Chuck's cool

I think given the circumstances Chuck wouldn't mind.

It only she he's got a sense of humor that might be a bubble off plumb.

Nothing wrong with that.

Chuck's cool


Jubal....edit edit edit.

I meant to say....HE's got a sense of humor...


All your comment did was call Chuck strange, an ego-maniac and then hint at "stories" you had. I would have deleted it regardless of who you were talking about. That's what I do with those kind of comments.

Chuck DeVore

Oh, beehaave!

I love it

Keep up the good work Chuck.

Allan Bartlett

Hey Chuck.....heard any "shaggin" stories from Jackie Goldberg lately? That's gotta be interesting conversation, LOL.

Powder Blue Report

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