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June 12, 2006


et tu Jubal? I fear for you. Make haste and seek sound counsel.


Jubal -- you've been placed on leave pending an investigation. Please turn in your reserve badge and pea shooter. Oops, I forgot. You didn't contribute the maximum amount to my relection. My bad. You're fired!!!

Allan Bartlett

Is the kool-aid dispenser broken Jubal? Just Kiding. I'm glad people are starting to realize what a disaster this decision was to place Lt. Hunt on leave. It's kind of a metaphor for how the "little sheriff" has run the department for the last few years if you asked me.

Powder Blue Report

Mr. Know-It-All

For people who watched too much TV growing up, you will remember that in the Andy Griffith Show, Deputy Barney Fife ran for Sheriff against Andy. Comedy ensued Barney said a lot of bad things about his boss during the campaign and eventually lost.

The people of Mayberry spoke Andy was reelected the men shook hands and moved on. But as we know that was a fictional TV show from simpler times. Andy had no mob ties, didn’t tolerate sexual harassment, or participate in sexual liaisons with staff (as reported in the OC Weekly’s transcript of a phone call during the tryst); he didn’t appoint crooked cronies or dole out badges to contributors. He also didn’t retaliate against Barney for participating in Democracy by running against him.

While dancing on the head of a pin, Corona may have the finest legal technical case to reassign Hunt. But even the most ardent Corona supporters, deep in their hearts, know his actions reprimanding staff who participated in a campaign is an attack, not on people, but on Democracy. Corona’s naked act of revenge against a political opponent is something we would expect to see in Russia or some other backward Baltic nation who is fumbling with democracy. If there was ever a doubt raised by the critics of Corona about his leadership – he has succeeded in proving them correct. Other than Corona’s very immediate inter circle, who does this act of retaliation benefit? The public? The Republican Party?


This also puts a chilling effect on those that may consider running against Carona in the future -- pretty scary in our so called democracy.

This is another good reason why the county should look at getting rid of an elected sheriff. Perhaps there was a time when an elected sheriff made sense but it doesn’t today. It only adds another level of politics to an already overloaded system.

Today’s sheriff acts more as a jailer warden and police chief for the contract cities and as such he should be subject to the board of supervisors. They have responsibility for his budget, hiring of his deputies and everything but his hiring and firing.

OC is a charter county so we could do this. I urge the board of supervisors to place this on the November ballot.

One Who Knows

Sorry anonymous at 2:01 p.m. but you suffer from a case of wishful thinking.

Article XI Section 1(b) of the California Constitution REQUIRES that each county elect a sheriff, DA, assessor and a "governing body" (IE a Board of Supervisors).

A County Charter does not trump the State Constitution.


Isn't this attorney being paid with Prop 172 funds? After the fight over this revenue source being critical public safety, can someone tell me how the public's safety benefits from this opinion?


Using the word "forgiveness" to describe what Carona should have extended to Hunt is nothing less than an insult.

Art Pedroza


Thanks for taking a stand. I think that a lot of Carona supporters were shocked by his recent behavior, and many more will be jumping off the bandwagon as this story develops. Carona is going to erode his base of support, which could prove fatal once the Jaramillo trial starts. Who is giving Carona such bad advice?


Shame on you Carona,

Putting Lt Bill Hunt on administrative leave because you got your feelings hurt, and using a lame copout excuse saying there is an internal investigation of his campaign funds is a farce!!! Mr Carona, you of all people who put two undeserving disgraceful men in assistant sheriff positions (Jaramillo and Haitl) because they contributed to your past campaigns, should not point fingers. These men disgraced the department,your character, and your judgement abilities. This just adds to and reaffirms your poor decision making ability; thus making you more ugly in the public eye.

I crack myself up!!! Sorry..

Damn Mike!!!

You would think someone should take you out behind the wood shed and beat the crap outta ya!!!

Let me ask ya, Buddy. If the Supervisors demand to crack you over the head with oh, say a 2x4 PERSONALLY, would that be conidered assault under the color of authority or ON an authority???

Ya just can't win for winning, eh?

This is exactly why I voted for Martin for Sheriff. I'm still glad I did. This Department will only get better when a real professional Law Enforcement leader takes the helm. I hope he and others like him get in the race next time. Or the BOS gets the opportunity to appoint someone when Carona gets canned or recalled.

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