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June 05, 2006


Yorba Linda Republican

That "California Senior Action League" is nothing more than a front for Larry Flint, the smut king/pornographic guru of Hustler, Inc.

Now, if you like Larry and his magazine, then vote for the candidate he strongly recommends through his "Senior" vail: Mike Duvall.

If you don't, then follow the rest of us in Yorba Linda by voting for Marty Simonoff. We're tired of the Republican Party force feeding us candidates.

Yorba Linda Republican

Oh, my mistake. I failed to realize that the site clearly indicates that Mr. Flint is using this PAC to support a couple of democrat candidate where the casino is actually located.

Sorry for the confusion, I didn't research the facts. Mike is a great guy and I'm voting for him.

One Who Knows

Hey YL Republican:

Vail is a city in Colorado. Do you mean veil?

And what's your proof that the Senior Action League is "nothing more" than a front for Flint?

Is he an officer? A director? Has he attended a single meeting?

Me thinks you're a little loose with the truth.


California Senior Advocates League recieved $25,000 from Hustler Casino and $50,000 Farmers Employees & Agents PAC.

So calling it a Flynt front is overstating the case.

Yorba Linda Republican

YL Republican at 8:36 AM IS NOT the same as
the one at 7:22 AM. THIS Yorba Linda Republican IS NOT voting for Mike Duvall.

By the way, YL Repub at 8:36 AM, thanks for further verifying the fact the "Larry Flint" PAC is supporting a couple of liberal Democrats in the vicinity of the Hustler Casino. Sounds like Mike Duvall keeps company with some great "friends."


Oh, okay, since Larry Flint ONLY gave $25,000 towards supporting Mike Duvall, then I guess it's okay. After all, you're giving Mike Carona a pass on his un-Republican behavior, why not Mike Duvall as well, right?

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