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June 05, 2006


voter anne

Yay, Armando!

This is what should have went out day one. Touting the endorsment of Loretta in all pieces would have put in a better standing.

Chris Prevatt

Anyone want to say which was their favorite Armando mailer?

I am torn between the first one I got, where Ruben Martinez made Armando a little shorter :) and the Pigs at the trough.

I think I'll go with the pigs, given the slop that Claudia, Jose, and their supporters have tossed into the pen.

On Tuesday June 6th...

Vote Armando for Assembly

This last one is my personal favorite. It says it all. Loretta and CDP endorsements are powerful with voters. And I love the front porch photo with Belinda. But, more than all that, the message is finally BRIEF!
Best of luck to Armando, Belinda, Ed, and the team. Keep up the good work in these final hours.


Of coruse he's positive, no one even knows he's running. And, since he has no record, they can't attack it.

But they did attack his name change today in a really bad robodial paid for by JobsPAC - friends of Claudia.

Chris Prevatt

What is JobsPac thinking?

How could a last minute Robocall attacking Armando's name help Claudia smell better to voters?

These consultants have way too much money to play with.


I agree this mail piece shouldve been the FIRST one to hit. I like their mail overall, but it might have been a little wordy.


I'm more inclined to vote for Armando Ramirez.

why is that, garth?

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