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June 06, 2006


McGill scores

Too bad about the slate mistake but it WILL help McGill. I'm sure he will send out an apology tomorrow.

Shame On Mike

what a load horse dung. there is no way there was a snafu.

Park to blame

I'd bet my house Brian Park- who runs that slate and is a huge Mike McGill supporter - did it on purpose.

Shawn Fago

Wooooooops! Come on Brian, suck down some more coffee or something.

I can’t believe that Parks would ever do something like this intentionally. Brian would never do anything to compromise McClintock.

That being said, I have some unrelated questions...

Why does Rackauckas appear on this slate when he is unopposed?

And what is the point at taking a shot at Poizner who is also unopposed? Doesn’t this only hurt our down ticket in the general election?

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