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June 03, 2006


John Parrot

I got a recorded phone call from Nick Beradino asking me to support Mike Carona.

Should I ignore that as well?

Yes, vote for the Sheriff anyway.

John Parrot

Jubal says I shouldn't listen to Nick Beradino.

So should I or shouldn't I?


Settle down, Bird Man-
I can't speak for Jubal, but personally I think it would be a fantastic outcome for the county if Corona fell short in June. By all means, don't vote for him yourself to remain a consistent anti-Beradino voter if that helps keep your simple mind on point.

Last I checked, however, the Sheriff didn't have a vote on the Board of Supervisors. If you care about fiscal restraint but can't see the importance of altering the Board in favor of taxpayers by electing Moorlach, perhaps you should refrain from embarassing yourself in future posts.

More likely, you're just a liberal trouble maker.

OC Voter

The Lincoln Club, again the Lincoln Club. Thank goodness for them.

Where in the world has the New Majority been in the Moorlach race?!!!!!! What a bunch of losers.

Two groups of fat cats, I guess, but at least one actually does something.

Looks like another non-partisan race has become a pawn for a political party! Has to make you wonder why the Lincoln club wants its people in so many positions......can you say protection?

Art Pedroza


You're right - we need Moorlach to protect us from further union greed.

As for the New Majority, they are stupidly wasting their time on the Daucher race in the 34th. What a bunch of losers. They should be doing everything possible to help Moorlach - particularly as Daucher has no chance in the general against Correa.


Oooh, a liberal troublemaker! As opposed to everyone falling into lockstep and voting just how they're told! How do we get more of those, por favor?


"some officials have corrupted the foundation of truth which is essential for the privilege of public service."

Can someone please provide a coherent translation?

The Lincoln Club has ZERO credibility. This group turne their heads and did not oppose Mike Carona (granted they did not endorse him)after all of the crap he has brought to the doorstep of the OCGOP as the top cop in OC. But, due to certain members on the PAC Board and their personal/financial interests in Carona, the Lincoln Club fails to take a leadership role in forcing Carona to go far, far away.

Now, they come out for John Moorlach (which is a no-brainer and takes absolutely zero guts)in the Supervior race, and they hope all Republicans take notice.

We're taking notice all right...


One thing that makes it hard to take Caroan-haters like yourself seriously is how the moral worth of ANY action is measured by whether or not the actor also opposes Mike Carona:

"Sure, Rudy Guiliani was a heroic mayor of New York, but all that is cancelled out by his failure to lift a finger to stop Mike Carona! So much for his law enforcement credentials. He's lost my vote for President!"

No more Carona for me

What the he** does Rudi Guillani of New York have to do with what's going on right here in our own backyard???

One thing that makes it hard to take you Carona kool-aid drinkers so seriously with anything else you have to say, is the fact that you claim to espouse and defend Republican values - but only when it's not concerning someone your're connected to politically or financially.

That's called hypocrisy


What the he** does Rudi Guillani of New York have to do with what's going on right here in our own backyard???

Exactly my point.

The Lincoln Club steps up to the plate in the Moorlach race, and you dismiss it because they aren't aligned with you re Carona -- i.e. what the he** does the 2nd SD race have to do with the Sheriff's race?

Yoiu Carona-haters are absolutely obsessed, and opposition to Carona has become your only measure of moral worthiness. If Fidel Castro called on Mike Carona to resign, you'd probably hail him as a great moral leader.

Whether or not Mike Carona wins has zero affect on me. I have nothing at stake in that race. I'm voting for Mike -- despite the fact that he's made some incredibly stupid and completely avoidable mistakes -- because all in all he's done a good job as Sheriff and has put the stupidity behind him for a third term. Hunt is no alternative, and the most of Hunt supporters I've encountered behave like thugs -- including an off-duty deputy sheriff -- and like usually follows like.

Ralph Martin is the only viable alternative, but I'm not prepared to jump ship.

NM Sounds Off

"The Lincoln Club has ZERO credibility..."

Let's start a pool as to which New Majority member (or employee of its P.R. firm-- seriously, it has one) posted that comment!

I'm not in either club but active politically. I can tell you, the NM has clout with the Gov and about 1% of county politicians (ultra-moderate Repubs) while every Repub wants in with the LC.

Critizing NM's failure to get in the Moorlach race is totally fair. How could they not weigh in on this one?!

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