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June 02, 2006


Alex Brant-Zawadzki

You mean "The Omen" is NOT a biopic about Moorlach's early life? Thanks for clearing that one up.
CITRON: "Look up here, John! It's all for you!"

Here's a very good mail piece

You call that "very good"?? Seems like "very busy" to me. I don't think the public is interested in reading that small print with those obscure facts.

John...look at me John...it's all for you.


It was a warm day in Newport Beach today as I walked a precinct for John Moorlach distributing his latest flyer. It's good exercise. Lucky for me it was not up and down hills. In speaking to many of the voters not a single one had anything but praise for John and had already voted for him, plan to do so, and have called their friends and neighbors to follow their lead.

The front page contains photos of 14 OC Republican Leaders, including three US Congressman, who say..

We Need John Moorlach!

I agree. And so does every person in Newport Beach that I met today.

Larry Gilbert, Mission Viejo
Former President Saddleback Republican Assembly

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