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June 01, 2006


Moorlach is bad news

I like the two mailpieces against Moorlach. They are effective and will work with the union labor group.

Sometimes the truth hurts.


Fortunately for the rest of us the "labor union group" consists of only 16% of the population.

The unions are betting the farm on beating Moorlach. If they fail, he will have absolutely no reason to talk to them or deal with them after this sort of inflamatory mail. History shows us, if you try to kill the king you had best succeed. If you don't, well the consequences are not pretty. I wonder if their best move would not have been to sit down and talk to Moorlach before declaring nuclear war on a guy with Moorlach's overwhelmingly positive name ID. Just a thought. . .

Unions Need a New Consultant

These guys have also started a bit late. Where were they when absentee ballots were being mailed/voted? They are strickly banking on Election Day voters to win! Good luck with that...

First, the flyers will work because many of the voters in the second district are union members. It doesn't matter how many there are nation wide or county wide, it only matters in the second district.

Second, Moorlach's hatred for public workers is why the public workers don't like him. When you say it may have been better to sit down with Moorlach and talk with him before going to war, they did. He would not talk to them.

Moorlach is the only one that has something to lose. The public employees will still have their jobs when this is over and they will either have a friendly supervisor that will listen to them and work with them or they will have Moorlach. Had they not gone to war as you say, they would surely have only Moorlach, who declared war on them two years ago. It is a no lose situation for the unions.

Besides his quest to turn back the hands of time regarding pensions what is Moorlach’s platform? What else does he see himself doing to help the second district? Will he build more parks, more libraries, more roads, and more flood control channels? He is a one-issue candidate and that one issue is anti-public employee.


So, if all these union households are already anti-Moorlach, how does this mail add voters to the Shawver column?

It reinforces the need to vote and to vote for the labor friendly candidate. Besides, there are other voters but just because they are non-union doesn’t mean they are not working families who understand that the reason they have the quality of life they have is because of worker friendly leaders.

In short, you don’t have to like the Kennedy’s to know that they have done more for the average worker than Reagan ever did.


There are only two things that Reagan had in common with Kennedy. 1)They both tried to topple the Soviets. 2) They both took a bullet....Reagan was succesful through both.....Kennedy wasn't.

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