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May 12, 2006


The New Majority didn't even get behind Michelle Steel for BOE. She is the epitomy of the kind of candidate they should support.

Allan Bartlett

"The New Majority remains dogged by the perception among grassroots Republicans they are a bunch of rich guys who just care about abortion"

If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck....you know the rest. I'd add anti 2nd Amendment and pro big government to the list as well as being pro abortion. They also don't seem to want to get their hands dirty in the trenches. That's my perception. I think I'll always remember them though for the hostile takeover attempt of the Central Committee a few years ago.

Powder Blue Report

Eldad Taylor

The NM cares about one person only - the great and powerful Arnold. They did not even support the Recall until Arnold came along.

If they had done even one mailer for Harkey, we would not be stuck with Tom Harman.

The future is with the Lincoln Club - they have the guts to take action.

Johnny Slash

Quack Quack

Art Pedroza

The NM, I am told, had a hand in pushing Tran out of the race for the 34th. They wanted Daucher. Now why would you prefer Daucher unless the issue of import was abortion?


If they wanted to see a Republican sworn into office in December.


Lupe Moreno is the only Republican running.

New Majority: Weak Sister

Sorry Jubal,
New Majority will not help Moorlock. Why? They have no real core values. They don't give a rat's behind about local anything. What they want is the 157th photo standing next to President Bush at another Bush fundraiser. When was the last Sup. race they played in? How much money did they give? That's what I thought. Hope I'm wrong Jubal but I know I am not.

Listen up, NM!

The NM is easily the most ineffective group of fatcats ever, so they'll probably watch as the election that will determine the very future of county finances plays out right in front of their rich faces. Bums.

Hopefully Jubal gleaned something in that meeting and these dopes will get off the sidelines like he says, but don't hold your breath, Moorlach...

Listen up, NM!

They've done nothing on eminent domain, either (www.SupportMeasureA.com), by the way. Are they really Republicans, or just a Schwarzenegger society fan club?!

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