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May 22, 2006



Weird isn't it. You are correct about Armando. Claudia and Jose just seem to be running where ever they can get support.


Jubal---follow the money. Labor money heavy for Jose, business money even heavier for Claudia. All the rest is just smart politics by the candidates as dictated by their consultants--reach out, snag some do re mi and set yourself up to get even more of that cash post-primary when everyone will want to suck up to the Assemblymember for at least the next two years. Claudia will vote somewhat like Correa and Jose somewhat like Umberg. Not a huge statistical difference but Umberg more likely to vote with labor then Correa. But you can see how a small statistical difference on business votes between Daucher and Van Tran had the Party faithful claiming it was a battle for the sould of teh Republican Party.

Armando's money seems to be less institutional and he has intentionally avoided taking stands on controlversial issues to avoid making enemies. I suspect he doesn't need to study any more issues--its just a way to avoid making enemies. Should he pull an upset and win this thing his reluctance to discuss issues could prove to be a bonanza. Both business and labor might look at him as truly undecided and will pour the $$ in. The question is whether the he can squeeze in with a close 3 person race.

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