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May 01, 2006


Last night the City Council reversed a decision by the Planning Commission to oppose a Church expansion that was totally within code. As long as Wilson, Bankhead and Quirk are on the Council, there will be no property rights.

Support the 241

They must have caught this "disease" from their neighbors in Brea. Quarantine, anyone?

Infiltration would actually be better than quarantine. Not enough solid proponents of property rights, and dare I say, Freedom, run for City Council let alone gain the support of those with the power and influence. Too much effort is put into keeping incumbants in office, even if they aren't as philosophically pure as they should be. But then again, this isn't the Supreme Court, this is just a small town City Council. Why would anyone expect there to be good people like Chris Norby or Curt Pringle on City Councils? They are pleasant anomalies, especially in North OC.

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