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May 03, 2006



Mr. Liberty cannot win. No money and no experience means no chance.

Luis Rodriguez

He has as much as money as the other three candidates, plus a field campaign. He has experience in both in all sectors, and does not have a list of shady dealings. Look to Orange Juice for a list of things very soon.

Silence Dogood

I still can't get over the guy's silly last name. It's immature. I would never consider forsaking my family name for anything less than marriage.


It's really looking like it might actually come down to Claudia and Armando. I think Jose isn’t bringing in enough to compete with another city council member; it may be Claudia and Jose who divide the votes, CC vs. Not CC. And who knows how much Jose will spend on this race, might be actually eyeing Correa’s Supervisor seat?

Whats in a name

Can you imagine a general election ballot between "Ryan Gene Williams" and "Armando de la Libertad"

Silence Dogood



Agreed. His name change is so immature and contrieved that neither he nor his supporters can explain it. That is particularly hurtful for Armando since he has no public record on which to run.

Silence Dogood wrote "I would never consider forsaking my name for anything less than marriage."
FINE. That's exactly what Armando did. About six years ago in San Antonio, Texas, when Armando Ramirez married Belinda Garcia, the priest (Father Luevano of Santa Ana?) turned them around and announced that the new couple had chosen the new name for them to begin their life together.
The name change was not done recently, nor was it done for political purposes. Sad that this is the best Jose and Claudia can attack him on.

Silence Dogood

Clarification: I would never consider forsaking my family name for anything less than marriage into my spouse's family name.

Luis Rodriguez

Thank you for stating the truth about Armando. It seems most people have nothing to attack Armando on, other than his name, yet the mere fact they attack him indicates he is a truly a viable candidate.
He now has the support of a vast host of elected officials, groups, community activists, and concerned citizens.


As a Schoenkopf, I can only say that I'd forsake my last name in a New York Minute.

Silence Dogood

Mr. Rodriguez-

Actually, de la Libertad ISN'T seen as a viable candidate. He's not seen at all. I'm so focused his silly name, I don't even look at him.


Luis Rodriguez

Sorry Silence
That post was meant for anon (1:47pm).
Thank you anon.


"As a Schoenkopf, I can only say that I'd forsake my last name in a New York Minute."

Doesn't that literally translate into "beautiful head" - or something even more elegant in loose translation? That's not so bad.

michael parra


if the race is between Ryan & Armando, will the GOP actually start financially getting behind Ryan or no?

It would be stupid for them not to since Ryan has the opportunity to also effect the 34th SD race for the GOP in terms of his potential.

just a thought.

Silly  Season

If Jose runs for supervisor he better hope he can keep Carlos Bustamonte or any other Santa Ana elected official out of the race...If there are two or more S.A. people running it will NOT be won by any of them. They need ALL the S.A. votes they can get to even have a chance...

voter anne

Wow, what a 1st Sup race:

Jose, Carlos, Janet, and Van.

What an election!!


Yes, it's "beautiful head" or "pretty head." It just sounds so . . . you know . . . Jewy.


Yes, it's "beautiful head" or "pretty head." It just sounds so . . . you know . . . Jewy.

Hmmm. Maybe it would sound better, you know, more mellifluous in Spanish. Cabezalinda? Gustavo?

Silence 2:40 pm
So you ignore Armando. Big deal. Are you a Democrat in the 69th planning to vote on June 6th?
Hmmmm... Didn't think so.

Bladerunner has a protege

and his name is "KNIFEWALKER"

ButterKnife Stroller

Maybe Ryan Shea is BladeRunner. I hear he's quite an up and comer in OC Democratic circles.


We now have proof that Armando is not ready for prime-time. When asked by the LA Times about major issues confronting Californians, such as, driver licenses for undocumenteds or increasing the minimum wage, Armando stated he needed to "study the issue." Claudia and Jose did took clear positions. And, for those who think Armando's name is contrieved here is what the LA Times said today:

In 2000, he changed his last name from Ramirez to a name that means "liberty" in Spanish. "I made a personal and public commitment to the value my wife and I cherish most, which is liberty," he said. "It's the founding principle of democracy."

Puleeeezzze. Pathetic. Embarassing.

Luis Rodriguez

Would you be emberassed to publicly respect your wife? That is all Armando is doing with his name change.
As far as driver's licenses, is that the most important position for you? If so, please elaborate what you would suggest and what provisions you would like to see in that bill. Finally, what article are you referring to where Armando states that, and where Claudia and Jose state their position when it comes to driver's licenses.

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