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May 19, 2006


Mr. Whitacre is being "schooled" in the professional way to conduct a campaign.

Quality mailers, a positive message, a focused candidate and a campaign consultant who garners little to no attention for himself and instead focuses on HIS candidate.

Well done!

I love these mailers with the endorsements of Mike Carona. I am collecting them as my voter's guide. Now I know who not to vote for!

Time for much needed change. Carano must go!

Given the fact that your bias will preclude you from voting for some of the better republicans in the state, I guess you can always vote for the dem's

Commie Boy

Glad to see Tim Whitacre posting again.

Since the majority of the republican's running have endorsed the morally and ethically challenged Carona, I have done something I thought I would never do and that is vote for not one but many Dems. Thank you Carona and Schroeder.

Not Buying Carona Spin

The problem with this mailer is it says

"Endorsed by Our Republican Governor and our Orange County Republican Party"

Schwarzenneger sucks and the Republican Party "endorsement" of Carona is a joke!
Mr. Whitacre was right on in his critizism and his lawsuit and I believe a lot of other Republicans who aren't part of the inner circle of the Central Committee, agree with him. I also think it is Mr. Whitacre who is doing the "schooling" here.

I don't think any amount of slick mailers from Carona are going to undo all of the scandalous activity reported on in the news on a regular basis.

Vote of No Confidence

Lets save the Vote of No Confidence for the run-off. Also, I agree with the 9:08:51 pm poster that Hunt and Martin should stand together and crank up the demand for Carona to resign.The number one reason in my book would be his fraternization with the mob: a mortal sin.

Received another Carona mailer today. This one claims he "created the Amber Alert System." Reeeeeally? Did these politicians learn anything from Al Gore's "I created the Internet" claim several years ago.

Sheriff ("big" or "little", depending on which head you are thinking with today), you did not "create" the Amber Alert. It was created and implemented in Texas. Like many other things you do, you simply ride the coattails of somebody else's success, and try to take all the credit.

The mailer is flat out deceiving and a bold faced lie. When is the public going to wake up?

The things we blog regarding the stupid, reckless and dangerous things Carona has done exposing the OCSD to serious question, criminal investigation and public ridicule have all been done by Carona while while sitting in the Office of the Sheriff, not years ago whenhe was the Marshal or deputy. Carona achieved the most influential law enforcement office in the county and has squandered opportunity. Carona's failure is because he lacks real characeter and has no eye for good command talent to support him. Carona continues to use political hacks to insulate himself from his deputies and the public and thats pathetic. This is why, with a strong sense of responsibility, we seek out and expose Carona's critical errors, flaws of character and complete failure as Sheriff. Those who refuse to acknowledge Carona's eight years of critical mistakes and incompetent leadership are themselves likely to be weak, timid souls, simply playing the odds for their own sadly selfish reasons.

I see the Hunt Brigade is spamming the blogosphere with their anti-Carona rhetoric.

Its a weak philosophy! They put the same comments on several blogs as if their slimy saturation is going to work.

It wreaks of desparation! But what else are they going to do when they have no campaign funds!


Anon at 7:34 p.m.:

You posted the same comment yesterday, which I debunked because you inaccurately reporteed what the mailer said.



You know, I enjoy and appreciate vigorous debate and exchange.

But you Carona-haters have become 10 year olds. Are you now reduced to criticising Carona for referring to his wife in a card as "Mrs. Sheriff"?

Allan Bartlett

I thought the Sheriff's use of the term "little sheriff" was actually pretty damn funny. I guess we won't see that phase used in any mailers?

Powder Blue Report

Pete Fundy

Despite the fact that his campaign failed to ask me for an endorsement, I hereby announce my official endorsement of Mike Carona for Sheriff.

Sure, he's not perfect and there's a lot of unsettling baggage involved, but too many Republicans have endorsed the man already. My conservative conscience, in other words, tells me to go with the flow.

Warmly yours,
Pete Fundy
Senior Editorial Writer

Jubal, your defense of Carona is appalling. You, of all people, have probably read more about Carona than most. You know his track record as Sheriff is meek at best. He is morally and ethically challenged. Yet, because of your connections and friends, you are doing his bidding.

The majority of us Hunt supporters, or as you like to call them, Carona-Haters, are career law enforcement officers. We can't stand stand the fact that Carona is solely responsible for bringing the Sheriff's dept. down to the depths that it is currently at.

Carona's constant abuse of power is sickening and his lack of decision making skills are laughable. He surrounds himself with political hacks, not one who knows the definition of integrity or honesty, or what it takes to be a professional law enforcement officer.

If Carona was a CEO of a publicly traded company, with all of the investigations that are currently going on with him as the, lack of a better term, suspect. Shareholders would be demanding his removal.

Well, we as a community, and as career law enforcement officers, are demanding for Carona's removal.


I see that Carona is taking credit for "leading the fight" to pass Jessica's Law.

I thought this was the initiative that George and Sharon Runner put on the ballot.

I went to the Jessica's Law website, www.JessicasLaw2006.com, and did not even see his name at as an endorser.

Anybody know what Carona has done for this initiative? Or is he taking credit for the work of others?

you aswered your own question. he is taking credit for the work of others.

On a Clear Day....

All politicans puff. Deal with it. And please, make sure you save enough money to take down the signs June 7. Tehy're an eyesore.

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