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May 28, 2006


Smart Republican

The Lt. Hunt piece is more professional and free of fluff. Also, he's endorsed by those whose opinion should matter most to the public - the very organization in which both he and Carona work. There's obvioulsy something seriously wrong in the Sheriff's Department for the rank and file to not overwhelming endorse a two-term incumbent.

The problem with Sheriff Carona's piece is most people know he's full of B.S. and have a hard time believing anything he says. I totally discount any "Republican Party endorsement" of the guy because I followed the whole re-vote scandal. Carona is NOT getting the vote of a lot of Republicans no matter how slick his mail pieces look.

Lastly, if Lt. Hunt can make the Sheriff's Department as efficient and successful as his campaign has been, he's going to do wonders for Orange County.

Carona's mail to Democrats

Registered Democrats who have ballots outstanding got a mailer from the Carona campaign last week featuring endorsements from and photos of Senator Joe Dunn and Supervisor Lou Correa, and a quote from Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido. Gila posted it over on O-Juice blog (link below).
So who's "in with the liberals?"
I guess the OCGOP establishment isn't supposed to know about this one.

ham'n eggs

The office of Orange County Sheriff is non-partisan and Mike Carona represents the law enforcement needs of all parties. The fact that he is supported by significant members of BOTH parties shows his ability to serve without political bias.

Bill Hunt also met with members of the Democratic party and has sought their support as well. Nothing wrong with that either.

If Hunt had the resources to reach the same target audience he most certainly would. Unfortunately for him, his campaign was mismanaged and he squandered opportunities to build his warchest.

Too bad. It would've been fun watching the campaigns do battle. As it stands now, Hunt brought a slingshot to a gunfight.

OC Fire Storm

Too bad. It would've been fun watching the campaigns do battle. As it stands now, Hunt brought a slingshot to a gunfight.

So did David when he battled Goliath...

Yeah, but he had god on his side. All Bill has is Tim Whitacre.

Although Tim does have a God complex.

Hunt 4 Sheriff

Lou Correa is currently, the most disappointing local politician in the OC after Carona. Just listening to Lou speak is painful. Mike and Lou deserver each other, just let it be anywhere but here. Interestingly, the AOCDS spent over 120K getting Lou is seat with the Sups, hoping he would be around to help with future contract (oh well...) and the AOCDS leadership did not want to endorse Hunt -they like the total access that Carona has given the union. Hunt scares the union bosses because he won't submit to their demands. Hunt will do what is best for the whole of the organization first, while also maintaining a constant interest in, and concern for the individual's welfare. Carona just sells stuff to get stuff -emphasizing the end justifies the means.

Besides: Once Carona is gone we will be rid of Fleishman and Schroeder walking the halls of the OCSD checking on people, making their lists of who’s been naughty or nice and checking it twice.

unions play both sides of the fence

AOCDS is between a rock and a hard place. They have not played this well at all. While Carona has had his problems, he will win probably outright on June 6th. Moorlach wins as well. So what did they do. They backed the wrong horses and then endorsed against Correa. So the only friends they will have on the board will be Bill Campbell and Bates. If Correa comes back, he joins norby and Moorlach and hurts them big time.

Wishful thinking. Correa would not join norby and moorlach unless it suited his particular needs.

You're assuming Bates will win. If she loses, holy cr*p, there goes the next contract.

Hunt 4 Sheriff

Poster 08:29 PM said, "while Carona has had his problems..."

Are you really trying to minimize what has happened and ignore what is going on? You have had to be kidding when you used the past tense. Where have you been? There is plenty happening right now and more to come, that if he does win in June will eventually force him to resign or at the very least de-nut him politically. Carona will continue to lose the trust, admiration and respect of the public -he already has in local law enforcement.

Bitter Hunt men have nothing left but insinuation. If you know something factual let it out. If not, you're nothing more than bluster.

It appears that you bloggers (both of you) are ignoring the true facts.

Carona's camp has been weighing Martin's Democratic voters. With the LA Times endorsement, you can bet it will be republished on Sunday, Monday or Tuesday for voters to take to the polls.

This alone could pull skippy under the 50% level and force a runoff. Democrats have more at stake in this primary because of the Angelides/Westly race.

The last thing Lewis and Co. want is a November battle. The OC Republican clan has had their wallets picked for Carona and many are now balking for any additonal funding.

Carona has been cash calling on many of his closest friends to raise $25k each.

If Martin pulls off a runoff in Novemver, even Baugh might ask skippy to lay down. He knows that the Dems will put money on this race if they think they can slap skippy. So far, big Dem money has stayed away. But they would love to see Shallman Communications win another one in the OC!!

Art Pedroza


Shame on the OC Dems for not stepping up and backing someone against Carona, be it Martin or Hunt. They at least should have expressed a vote of no confidence in Carona. They could have been a factor in this race, but they wimped out...

Team "I hate Carona" has talked themselves into a scenario that they think might work. There's no fact to back it up, but when did that ever matter?

Baugh has not given any indication of backing out and the LA Times doesn't guarantee much more than a low circulation.

Art Pedroza


I think I have figured out the Caronistas. Their man, Carona, is no conservative, but he is an ego-maniac. What we have here folks is a cult of personality. The Caronistas cannot see the light because they have all been duped by their "leader." They need to put down the Kool-Aid...and look at Carona objectively. He is a disgrace to the department, and a walking disaster. Either Hunt or Martin would be preferable at this point.

Right, Art

It appears that you have been the one drinking Kool-Aid.

Hunt's favorite flavor is Grey Integrity.

Martin's favorite flavor is Tan Shirt.

Art Pedroza


I see you are hitting the beers early today. What the heck are you talking about?

Hunt 4 Sheriff

Nice piece by the OC Register this Memorial morning. That piece can't make Carona happy and should cause about 30% of the Reps to either just not vote for Carona or Vote for Hunt or Martin. Either way it will have a negative impact on Carona's final tally, and could be significant. Carona can send all the mailers he can afford, but it will have little positive impact with the informed voter. And since this will be a low voter turnout, those who do vote will be informed.

P.S. More to come...


With all due respect, Art, it's a little much to be lectured about a "cult of personality: by a Hunt supporter!


Sorry Art, the Dems don't have a dog in this fight. They're too busy killing each other off in central OC and Dems all over the map with support for all three candidates. I was told Hunt and
Martin even showed up at their Central Committee meeting and Jubal noted earlier that Hunt had gone to a Steve Westly event.

And Art, weren't you the one telling everyone that Carona had endorsed Democrat Gray Davis? And two Democrats for a local school board? Maybe many Dems remember that and don't recall Hunt or Martin endorsing any Dems.

Can I buy a clue?

I wonder how Carona was able to get the endorsement of the "Elections Committee of Orange County." They have a have an unacceptable for people like Moorlach, Norby, etc., and yet Carona is endorsed. Their questionaire reads like they they are looking for candidates who are open socialists.


Art Pedroza


It could be that the Dems like Carona, but if so that does not say anything good about them.

Make me hurl

Who else here almost threw up reading the OCR's print edition where Carona says his role model is Ronald Reagan?

If that isn't being patronizing I don't know what is.


Wow, first Art, who hasn't worked with Hunt for 20+ years to see what he is REALLY like, just KNOWS how good he is; now hurl can read Carona's mind and know who his role model really is! You desperate guys are very impressive.

Art ignores Hunt's past associates and the scandals surrounding them. He ignores Hunt's attempts to curry favor with the Dems, but he gets indignant at Carona for the same things.

I want some of Art's kool-aid!

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