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May 17, 2006



Actually, I have tons of cards and letters going back for years. I just feel bad throwing away something someone took the time to write me. Lisa Jaramillo might be the same way -- a habit which now helps paint the Sheriff in a bad light.

And it sounds me more like George Jaramillo had a Bob Crane complex.

the serrach

perhaps lisa kept them because she felt harrased by the big sherrif.

who knows? in light of the complaints against him, it certainly doesn't look good.

outside of those complaints of harrasment, we have no business discussing his personal life.

Reference the amber alert mailer. I received two of those group mailers. They are written in the form of a voter's guide. One says Sheriff Mike Carona "created criminal illegal alien deportation programs", and the other said, "created Amber Alert & criminal immigrant deportation programs". The inference is open to interpretation as to what Carona implies with "create".


True, but one is severely constrained in how many words can be used in a slate.

I've recevied one -- Leadership for California -- that says (regarding Carona) "Created our Amber Alert and ciminal immigrant deportation programs."

Which is true. It's also true -- but unlikely -- that a voter might interpret that to mean Carona is claiming to have created the Amber Alert. Yes, the door is open to inference -- but only a crack. And it wouldn't be a reasonable inference.


Would you agree that the phrase "created illegal immigrant deportation programs" inplies that these same programs are being enforced, which they are not. With illegal immigration being the political hot topic that it is, wouldn't that statement lead voters to believe that Mike Carona is deporting criminal illegal aliens, when in fact the statement is designed to do nothing more than to get votes.

Read Carona's birthday cards. He really refers to his wife as "Mrs. Sheriff!"


I would love to see Sheriff Caronas "unit"!

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