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May 21, 2006


No Way Jose!

Jose was already cooked but this is the end...Watch for Jose to now hold back whatever cash he has left for a run for Correa's Sup. seat..

No Way Jose!

Just saw another Claudia T.V. ad. I don't think Jose can keep pace with her.

Art Pedroza

Jose and Armando need to talk and one of them should pull out and endorse the other. However, I would be happy to see Claudia get the nomination, as she is the most likely to be defeated by Ryan Gene Williams in the general. She might win the primary, but she has very little support in the district. She is ahead because she is the only female candidate...

Visited my father's Garden Grove house over the weekend and did not see any campaign mailers about Jose or Armando. Claudia sent out three pieces, one VBM application. What gives? Looks like she pulling ahead with a proven campaign plan.

Just read the letter from SEUI's withdrawn endorsement, ouch. This is unprecendent, never this close to the election and the union wants its money back.

Jose's toast. Does he return the money and maintain a chance of revyving his political career or does he keep the money and risk never getting a single union endorsement? (My guess is that after this year a search engine search including the terms "elected official" and "Jose Solorio" will return zero hits) Because the SEIU would not have done this if they even thought he had any chance of winning.

Tell you one thing I would hate to be at the Solorio campaign headquaters this week. I'm thinking there will be a few people calling in sick this week. Someone has to be held accountable for this mega blunder and Jose needs to pass the pink slip to that person.

A loss on Jose's part does not necessarily translate to a gain by Claudia.
Only one candidate is picking up points in every tracking poll and it isn't either of those two.

Union Bugs

Can one of you political insiders tell us what Jose did to anger the union so close to the election? Is it a contract issue in Santa Ana where he is on the council or did they do polling and decide to go with the winner? SEIU has always been pretty stupid politically (They gave money to Ted Moreno and his buddies Hector Oliveras, Roman Palacio, and Tony Epinoza AFTER they had lost an election and were convicted of a Felony) but this one is even dumber. If Claudia wins, they are still left with Jose on the City Council for two years and whoever replaces Claudia on the council....and who is on the majority to decide who replaces Claudia? Jose Solorio! This is what happens when you take the guys who are filling potholes and inspecting sewers all day and give them a little political power. These are not exactly the best and brightest! What about Santa Ana Police and Fire? Are they involved in this race???


This is a one woman race. Claudia is fortunate she is running against Jose and that other guy.


That's a great point Unions Bugs. Also, this piece by Claudia's team doesn't say she is getting the endorsement. My guess is that SEIU will either not endorse or go with Claudia.


Yeah, she sure did make it sound like the endorsement was hers, didn't she? Also? She has a problem with punctuation. I think we know who I Dig Claudia is, if we didn't before.


Well, between Claudia and Jose, I'd rather have Jose. I'm not feeling good about Claudia possibly winning big.

Oh well.

Mi Nombre es...

He's some free advice for Jose and Mr. Ross:

Now that the unions have jumped ship there is no reason for Jose to keep veering left. Let Armando and Claudia duke it out for the left side and make a hard right turn. It's your only hope Jose. The unions have now dis'd you in a big way so go get some money and votes from the right and win this primary. And if you don't win, remember these scumbags next time they come to you and the council crying about how the police and fire get all of the good perks! Maybe they want to go back to that old work schedule:) Tell those boneheads like Martinez from Code Enforcment and their other buddies to go pound sand next time they come to you because they don't like that mean City Manager Dave Ream.

Luis Rodriguez

Jose will probably keep the money from the unions at least until he does not need it anymore. Just like Claudia did when many residents asked her for their money back when Claudia went crazy. She refused to give them their money and stated, "I'll give it to you after the election", haven't seen any money yet.


Perhaps Armando can gain some leverage here. I know most insiders deride Armando because he's thin on experience, charisma and doesn't have a stance on the major issues impacting this state, but maybe the unknown is better than the known. However, with SEIU backing him, Armando may become more viable (he really needs some IEs).

Let's see if voters will take a risk and vote for liberty.


Maybe Jose is taking mi nombre's advice....he's having a Business Leaders for Solorio event at the Center Club. Don't they exclude union members?

Mi Nombre es...

I just realized that "pounding sand" is what those guys in SEIU do for a living!

It's over Claudia

The Union Guys are trying to use this a chip to gain leverage in the ongoing negotiations with the City.

Claudia/Chris Leo have already stated that Santa Ana Police/Firemen are overpayed and if they pretend to support a PERS increase now, while the rest of us save for our own retirements, would just be pandering.

According to Around the Capitol, Jose just cut himself a $45,000 check. Deperate times call for desparate measures.

Jose must be having some sleepless nights rethinking those EXPENSIVE mailers with giveaways (a pot-holder, a magnet, and a notepad to date).
What's up with all the schwag in this district? Does anyone want a pot-holder that says "Teach English"? I just don't get it. Richie must be stuck in the 1950s (along with Art P) with respect to gender roles. Professional women I know are kind of offended to get pot-holders from both Mrs. Umberg and Mrs. Solorio.
And it looks like Jose loaned his campaign $45,000 over the weekend. No surprise. He does this all the time on his city council campaigns - loaning a big chunk of money at the filing deadline and repaying it the following week, just to show a large cash on hand number. If he's smart it's already back today.
Even though this came out through John Shallman, it has the scent of Chris Leo all over it. Great job, CML!

No Habla

Most people in this District can't read the pot holder that says "Teach English"

It's Ladies Night

I agree with Anon 11:51! The modern American woman takes the hot pans out of the oven with her bare hands! Those hot pad holders are sooooooooo demeaning!

Claudia is pathetic

Has anyone else noticed that in one of the latest Claudia mailers there is a coerced endorsement by Holly Leo.

Anyone care to guess just who Holly Leo is married to?

Is that the best you can do Claudia?

Claudia is not that pathetic...

She could have listed the Leo children and extended family members as well...

Jose Suicidio

There is nothing you ladies can say about Claudia that will cover up all of the horrible decisions Jose has made in his campaign. He never should've ran against her in the first place. Ross must be laughing all the way to the bank. He really had Jose believing that he had a chance and charged him an arm and a leg for horrible mail pieces that all use the same 4 photos. I guess no one wants to be seen with Jose besides his family. And you can't forget all of his poorly thought out trinkets. I take it you like his pot holders?

Claudia"deal or no deal"Alvarez

"I guess no one wants to be seen with Jose besides his family."

I drove all over Santa Ana the other day and only saw one Claudia for Assembly sign in front of a home.

Guess I know where Claudia lives now.

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