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May 26, 2006


SEIU cant make up its mind

it appears to be a problem within SEIU. If you see Jubal's posting there was a letter on SEIU letterhead signed by one of their leaders. This is why unions are at 10% of the total jobs in US.


What's your point?

Illegal Aliens make up about 5% of the work force.

Does this point to some problem in Illegal Alien leadership?

SEIU cant make up its mind

my point is that SEIU is inept at making decisions. One week in support, one week opposed and now in support again. That is why unions are at 10% of the labor force.

SEIU Endorses De LA Libertad!

Who do such kind well meaning employees continue to elect such idiots as thier leaders? Could it be that decent people don't want to associated with the Mafia...I mean Labor Union Movement?

SEIU Endorses De LA Libertad!

I mean "be" associated...

SEIU cant make up its mind

you all are right. My guess is that Solorio made a promise and then waffled and then said ok I will do it. Who knows but the union look awful stupid?


Don't spam the blog comments with links to your website. No one cares.

Contribute something meaningful to the discussion. Maybe then, someone will care.

Art Pedroza


I don't think that is Ryan. He is in Texas right now visiting his family. I'm pretty sure he is not bothering to surf the net while he is back home...


I work for an SEIU Local in Orange County and all I know is that we are turning out dozens of people each day to help SOlorio. He is going to win. One mistake letter does not make or break a labor union. It was people speaking out loud and Shallman trying to use it. PS. WHo is Ryan Gene WIlliams?

Don't mess with Texas

Ryan is in Texas the week before an election? He now goes on the list of Santa Ana candidates who dropped out so to speak a week before the election. Glenn Mondo was watching sports on T.V. while firefighters walked door to door for his council campaign and Former Councilman Tom Lutz flew to Hawaii a week before the election, and now we have Ryan Williams in Texas:) It worked for Lutz but not for Mondo. Good luck Ryan!


I haven't had time to delete them, but they will be deleted and the spammer(s) will be banned.

With friends like these, Ryan doesn't need enemies.

Remember, folks, Ryan is UNCONTESTED in this election. He is the only Republican on the primary ballot. If this were not the case, or if he was in Texas at the end of October, I'd be worried.

SEIU cant make up its mind

I go back again. the SEIU employee who posted needs to look at the letter posted by Jubal. Why is this piece by Solorio not on union letterhead? Is it fake? Is it a lie? who knows? but a letter on letterhead looks real to me.

I am union member and was hand delivered from a neighbor of mind the the letter that Withdrawl the SEIU endorsemnt. This came from a neighbor down the street and he's dropping it off to all union houseld... he's say's so It's confusing...does SEIU support or not support Jose

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