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May 08, 2006


Good Job Claudia!

I'm glad Councilwoman Alvarez is working on this issue and I hope she will continue pushing for stricter laws like these when she is in Sacramento. My hats off to the future Assemblywoman!

No Way Jose!

Jose Solorio & Mr. Richie Ross should take lessons from Ms. Alvarez and her campaign team on how to generate REAL election publicity based on REAL actions. Not this, I'm one of 57 politicians taking a shot at El Presedente Bush and no child left behind. Schools in session!


Armando de la Libertad said he's studying this issue and cannot comment.

My only question is why did Claudia Alvarez wait until now to introduce this ordinance in an election year where she is in a fight for her political life. Why didn't she introduce it last year, because she was too busy trying to get a 37 story tower approved in Santa Ana to care about the children.

Luis Rodriguez

Check out my reply to Armando's comments in the LA Times. Unfortunately, its in the thread regarding minutenut Lupe Moreno.

Dwight Robinson

When are the rest of the cities going to act? Why is Santa Ana the only one? I live in south county and my daughter attends pre-school at our church. A sex offender lives in an apartment complex adjacent to the school/church. How can that be possible being that there is also an elementary and junior high school on the campus?

There may only be a few sex offenders in Lake Forest, Mission Viejo, Irvine, etc., but it only takes one. Nice work Santa Ana. Everyone else, it's time to step up!

Luis Rodriguez

I just visited Ms. Alvarez's website and she lists SAUSD School Board Member Sal Tinajero, RSSCD Trustees Al Amezcua, John Hanna, Larry Labrado, as endorsements.
These very same four people also endorsed Jose Solorio. Frank Barbaro endorsed all three in the 69th!!
Do endorsements not mean anything any more?


I don't know about Labrado or Tinajero but I was told Amezcua and Hanna also endorsed your candidate in the 69th. Armando de la Libertad. No guts. Pick someone and go for it.

Go back and read the May 2 LA Times article by Jordan Rau on this very subjet. The headline says it all "As political endorsements multiply, they lose value."


The hood, the hood...
The hood is on fire
We don't need no water
Let the MF burn!
Burn, MF, burn!

Luis Rodriguez

You are correct John Hanna, and Frank Barbaro are endorsing Armando based on his website, but the other endorsers do not appear.
I too wish these members of our community would simply endorse one candidate and let it be, but unfortunately, I guess they feel all three are viable and dont want to step on any toes.
One more thing Bladrunner- I am strong supporter of Armando, but I want to make sure the readers dont assume I work for him or his campaign. Saying "your candidate" can and may give the impression, I work there. Not the case.

Stop Short Eyes

Claudia is doing a great thing with this action. Let's just say Thank You! So many of you will be kissing her pompe and asking for a 15 minute appointment with her after this election. But if it makes you feel good to be a hater now....go for it:)

Claudia, is all about doing something for our community...as a counicilperson and as a presecutor.. she gets the bad guys out of here!!! What have the other done...absolutely nothing!!!


Sorry, but anybody who would take money from Safeway DURING THE STRIKE isn't fit to be a Dem. Claudia Alvarez can kiss my patootie.

Luis Rodriguez

Its about time Claudia's campaign team joined the blogs. Welcome.

Where was Claudia when Markland Industries was dumping nickel,copper, lead and arsenic through the sewer system and into the soil?

Where was Claudia when Caribou Industries was tearing down property that contained lead and asbestos near schools and day care center?

We all know Claudia and Jose have taken money from The Grand plan 2 LLC, which owns a Brownfield site in Costa Mesa containing TCE and plans to build home.

Too Little, Too Late.

Stop Short Eyes

Claudia is not Superwoman...She can't do it all until she gets elected! You men are just lady haters...she is strong, she is Latina, she is proud, and she looks simply smashing in a red dress!


"She can't do it all until she gets elected!"


She was elected to SA Council long ago and what has she done there?

Approved Millions for car dealerships.

Approved a 37 story office tower in residential area.

Took cash from Safeway during the strike.

Took cash from developers who own toxic brownfields.

Took cash for her 1st Assembly bid from developers doing business in Santa Ana.


You sound like you don't even live in the district. The people in the district don't place the issues of the "strike" high on the list on priorities.

We are concerned more with education and crime than the issue relating to "the Strike".

Rebecca, Oh I'm sure you never shopped at Costco, slept or visited a non union Hotel, how about ate vegetables and fruit picked from non union pickers...how about live in a home/house/condo/apartment made with union laborer...

You just don't like her for other reason because the "strike" thing is bigtime bogus.


I live in the 69th District.

Your concerned about crime.

Its UP........WAY UP.

Violent crime,property crimes,car thefts.
Graffiti everywhere.Prostitutes.

Hell, we could even blame her for all the graffiti covered trucks selling over priced
toilet paper all over town.
She did support the vendors, not the community.

What has she done for education......NOTHING.

What has she done for BMW?
Handed them our cash.

What has she done for neighborhoods.
Allowed a 37 story high rise.

She is all over the board on a variety of issues. One month she is harping about how we should not have given Honda cash.
Months earlier she handed BMW cash.

Our streets have poyholes.
Our walls are covered in graffiti.
Our corners are littered with shopping carts.
Our schools are failing the kids.
Our Police Dept is understaffed and underpayed.
Our Building and Planning Dept is overstaffed and overpayed.
Our cities business is unfriendly.
Our regulations are too cumbersome.
Our neighborhoods are overcrowded.

She had her chance to vote to make it better.

Now its our turn to vote.

Wait those problems have existed for years...how long have you lived in Central O.C.?

Crime is up...but compared to a few years ago..it is still down??

If you were around more than 7+ years ago you would now that crime, including gangs were very big issues.

You talk about "city regulation", but have a problem when the a land owner wants to put a high rise on his property. Do you want more or less goverment regulation. You can't have it both ways so it suits your cause.

The police may be understaffed but they are the 2nd highest paid in the O.C.?? Where do you get your info??

We pay our planning staff comparable wages to other cities, including experience ...what's wrong with that?

"Overcrowding is an issue" I suppose you believe that Claudia was even born when all those land owners put apartment on their property... Are you even reading what you are writing?

I Dig Claudia!

I love Claudia's signs! I see them everywhere in the District! I wonder why Jose and Armando don't have signs? It's almost election day....Maybe they ran out of money...Too bad:)

I Dig Claudia!

I got a letter from Jose begging for money...Actually it said, "From The desk of Miguel Pulido" but it's obviously written by Jose himself..anyone who knows Miguel knows he does not write litters like that...I think the best thing that can happen for Miguel is he helps Jose a little (but not too much) Claudia wins..she's off the council so Miguel doesn't have to deal with her anymore...he feels indebted to the Mayor and they continue their majority on the council....but I think Jose is hurting for cash....Claudia is realing picking up steam

I dig Claudia(Claudia's Campaign staff),
Where exactly do you find her signs? You must not be talking about Santa Ana since they are no where to be found. As far as Armando is concerned, you may see them at resident's homes. Unlike Claudia, he has them with the voters. If you would like one, you may ask for one at 714-547-VOTE. The website shows lawn signs are available, so feel free.
One more thing...money is there and was contributed from individuals interested in Armando's campaign, those contributers have his signs. Does Harrah and the rest of the companies have Claudia's?

yes, Thomas

"the unexamined life is not worth living"

To I Dig Claudia AKA Claudia Alvarez or Chris Leo

You mean the signs that are at homes with Rosie Avila signs. There's a real good Democrat, piggybacking off of the most partisan Republican in Santa Ana. Real good way to win votes.

By the way, in my neighborhood, the Solorio signs are everywhere, even a few Armando. No Claudia signs.

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