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May 31, 2006


A typically well written and carefully reasoned editorial from Reiff. Moorlach and Street have made low-key and factually based arguments regarding the pensions that the County offers it's employees. All that they have suggested is that these pensions mirror the retirement systems used in the private sector. The public employee unions have reacted with hysterical and factless screeds that show their true colors. We can only hope that the voters see through this blather and vote for fiscal responsibility.

Oh save us Saint John! Save us from the very people who work for us. Who risk their lives for us. Save us from all that is not decided at the OC Central Committee by Saint Baugh and Pope Carona.

Reiff is nothing more than another political hack carping for the establishment. Moorlach got lucky once, ten years ago and that is all he has ever done. If he is so upset with the pensions than publicly state he will donate all of his to some worthy charity and let Greenhut choose the charity.

A sincere thank you to the public employee who made the 12:38 post. It proves the point of the prior post. A simple suggestion that public and private sector employees have comperable retirement vehicles elicits an irrational rant.

Who hires these simple minds?

John Mardahl

Once again, why does a millionare banker (Street) have any interest in the position. A seemingly low paying, unrewarding job for a man of his stature.

I have spoken to the folks at Dorsey trailer, one of the companies Street hosed. The talk of an arrogant outsider, buying Cadilacs for management, flying first class to and fro SNA, spitting in the face of the workers troubles. THIS GUY STINKS.

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