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May 08, 2006



And that applies to all three of them!

Pete Coors

Lets get real here Jubal...most people think about Coors beer when they hear "Silver Bullet"...which I only drank last Friday, during my Mexican boycott during the 5th of May.

12oz Curls

Coors is piss beer...

Bohemia's are where it's at!


I'm shocked, absolutely shocked, that the YR's would have their facts wrong.

Johnny Slash

1998? That was back when you could still call Jim Silva a reliable conservative and not get a chuckle.

Sorry, Jubal, but how many bad votes does Jim Silva need to cast before you see that he's left the reservation.


Who is AOCDS backing? Or don't they qualify as a union?


"Sorry, Jubal, but how many bad votes does Jim Silva need to cast before you see that he's left the reservation."

Johnny S. makes a good point, but employs a questionable metaphor. Straying from the reservation implies independence, verve, and a certain je ne sais quoi. Perhaps a better metaphor is that old standby "going native," i.e. smoking the pipe of peace, putting on a grass skirt and top hat, etc.

More of eating your own.

So typical of the OC Republican party.

Mike Hunt

Jim Silva already got to circumvent term limits on the board of supes. Instead of hoping from one seat to another, it's time for Jim Silva to step aside for someone new.

You need to go back in Silva's history to see all the other unions that have supported him including the pipefitters.

And missing from this post is what the unions have received from Jim Silva. They are certainly both benefitting from their relationship.

Think Before You Squish

Jim Silva is too subject to pressure and is easily intimidated. He's been talked into bad votes again and again over the last few years, it's more than any legitimate conservative can take.

Tony Bedolla

Hey hey hey.

Since you mention me before you mention Ronald Reagan you should know I voted for Reagan......TWICE!!!


I agree “Jim Silva is a good man” - with a big heart, a big bleeding heart, a heart that he sometime takes out and wears on his sleeve. Seriously – the people who are closest to him, friendlier to him are the people he sees everyday - county bureaucrats not fellow Republicans and taxpayers. Being a gentleman, Silva in return makes "friendly" votes to help his friends.

When in Sacramento as a Legislator, who will Silva’s heart melt for; sad stories from social workers who want more spending or his constituents taxpayers back home?

Shawn Fago

Please don't confuse the YR's with YAF. The Young Republicans were not mentioned by Jubal at all in this article.

Mike Hunt

I'm shocked, absolutely shocked, that Northcountystorm would have the facts wrong.

Mike Oxlong

Yeah, please don't confuse the YR's with YAF. YAF has at least 9 members in the state and 4 of them aren't even young anymore (then again, there are some old YRs too).


As an OC YAF-er, I can assure you there are more than 9 members of YAF in just OC, and we're all in our 20's.

YAF isn't about big numbers like CR's or YR's, its about a smaller group of people who can work to actually get things done.

Missing the Point...

OK, so your point in trying to defend this RINO is that he's really only supported by TWO horribly liberal unions... not THREE.

Wow, you've got them there.

And lets dip back into Silva's past campaigns:
- Intl Union Operating Engineers
- Reinforcing Iron Workers, Local 416
- Teamsters

On and On... It's clear who the union lackey here is...


McGill voted to undermine Prop. 13 and voted to use eminent domain against a Church.

YAF should be ashamed for taking money from this guy and selling out what was left of their principles.

Silence Dogood


Keep kicking that lame horse.

If nothing more, the thing I come away with from this "REAL Silva Bullet" is the criticism that Jim Silva hasn't expressed fresh ideas or undertaken new activities since his campaign's inception. That seems true to me.

Silva's campaign has been stagnant since the start. At least the YAFers and the McGill campaign offer us some new information now and then.

A different OC YAFer

There are numerous YAFers in the OC that many people dont even know about, in fact many of the people on this blog may know a YAFer and not even know that they are a YAFer. YAF is kind of like a secrect society that sometimes the individual members don't even know who other members all are, I guess we can all be categorized as Brandon Powers' minions...or does that sound too dark?

Jeff Corless

Hey "OC YAFer",

I have been walking precincts with about 30 other OCYR members every couple of weeks since February for candidates we have endorsed.

We do quite a bit of work these days. Sorry we missed you at the Harkey campaign.


Jeff Corless



Who do you think was protesting outside Harman's office days before the election?

Nearly half the people there were OC YAFers.

That was just one of the several things I did in that race.

Just because I wasn't wearing my YAF button doesn't mean I'm not a YAFer.


I guess I stepped into one of those "mine is bigger then yours" arguments.

A different OC YAFer

Northcountystorm, it looks like you stepped into a "mine is the same as yours, but you dont really realize it" arguement...Jeff and "OC YAF"...this proves my point, people dont necessarily know who is a YAFer or not

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