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May 18, 2006


Dumb Strategy

I think that Commander Martin is playing right into the hands of Lt. Bill Hunt.

Everyone knows that hard-core attack ads not only hurt the 'target' but also the sender.

If Carona isn't already in a run-off after all of the negative press stories, he never will be. But that said, if he IS in a runoff, this is a strategy by Martin that is guaranteed to ensure that it is Hunt that comes in second place.

Martin seems lost and without direction. He doesn't know wether to crap or twist. He doesn't even mention his agency (LASO)on his ballot statement or ballot title. As a result, he looks less than ethical, and has now alienated his own LA supporters. You'd think he would be bragging about LASO every chance he gets. Tough to support a guy that omits his own background while begging for support. I guess he's really not proud of his work history after all.

can't read

You overestimate the number of people who actually read the paper.

Dennis Werner

Nice try partner, What a pitiful attempt as a smear tactic!!!....When you have nothing to attack the opposition with you have to look for little insignificant trash, like how many words are in a ballot statement....

Pitty you lost half of Mr. Hunt's ballot statement after it was ordered removed from the primary election statement for violations of case law....

You might be one of the desperate Hunt thugs who is regularly stealing Commander Martin's signs in South Orange County, the City of Orange and Brea and Yorba Linda...

Hopefully you will not be one of the two we already have on videotape stealing signs.....note that we will be filing a theft report and releasing the video to the press...it will be a shame for a deputy sheriff to lose a 50 tp 60 k a year job over theft of a campaign sing....but you reap what you sew.....by the way the vehicle used was a black SUV, lest you tinnk I am making this up!!!

Desperate little men who pompously attack their sheriff for his ethical lapses, but at the same time engage in and condone acts of theft....from men who are supposed uphold the law.....how disgusting

It demonstrates how afraid you really are of the strength of Commander Martin's campaign because you are leaving Carona's signs alone!!

Dennis Werner

In fairness, I want readers to know that I have been in touch with the Hunt campaign camp and expressed my concerns to them, they were extremely cooperative and told me that they neither support or condone such tactics. They indicate that have also been losing their signs as well....I assured them that the Martin camp has taken steps to ensure that our volunteers do not engage in retaliation.....I also asked for any information and specifics on the idenity of Martin volunteers who engage in this sort of behavior!

They asked me to point out to blog watchers that when the Martin signs have been taken, most often they have been replaced with Hunt signs that bear the AOCDS logo. The Hunt camp emphasized that they have no control over who takes or places signs produced by AOCDS because it is an independent expenditure....The AOCDS Board was contacted and informed of the problem, they have indicated that they are informing their members of our concerns....

Hunt 4 Sheriff

Dear Martin and Hunt supporters. Commander Martin and Lt. Hunt are both good, very respectable and accomplished men. They offer the OC two good choices for Sheriff, but my vote goes to Hunt. Support your candidate with all the gusto you have, but do not do stupid things that don't amount to a hill of beans and do nothing positive for your candidate. Both camps want corrupt Carona and his henchmen gone. If the run-off involves Carona and one of the other two candidates, then the team that doesn't make it needs to support the other to rid the OC of Carona. This is about restoring integrity to the OCSD.

P.S. LA Sheriffs. You don't need to talk so tough. Yes, many of you have driven around bad neighborhoods but hundreds more drive around nice neighborhoods and get soft admin jobs, SRO assignments, etc. just like anywhere else. The OCSD deputies that I have the honor to work with are as smart and tough as they come and I would proudly match them against any others.

Stay Alert. Stay Alive.

OC Fire Storm

>>>You might be one of the desperate Hunt thugs who is regularly stealing Commander Martin's signs...

Yeah, they stole our Measure D signs too!


On a Clear Day....

Please keep removing the signs(at least the ones not on private property). They're all a visual blight.


Hey a little late here, but Hunt for sheriff come on with your comment about LA Sheriff's. I guess drving around laguna niguel, lake forst, mission viejo, san clemente, make you a tough guy. Partner you don't know the first thing about fighting crime. Our slowest station in Los Angeles county gets about 400 calls a day. You might get 400 in all your stations combined in a year. We have easy assignments, but yours my friend are much easier. I know laterals from LA in your department and they think you guys are a joke. They are there to retire and do nothing. You should do a ride in Compton or lynwood, then you might get an appreciation of how much more we know then you.
And as far as matching us with you come on, your kidding right. Deputies who work for you, don't desire to do real police work, otherwise they would come to LA and work in Compton.
You couldn't hold my shoe laces partner in police work. Hunt for Sheriff, well his years of experience are equvalent to one hour of one shift in Compton.

Your a joke partner

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