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May 11, 2006



John Campbell wins!


Pssst! Jubal! I don't mean to be a spelling Nazi, but you've got the wrong homophone for "fare."


Rebecca, this blog does not tolerate homophones.


138 -- Ed's actually THAT high? I'd figure he'd be in the low 300's. Here's my guess:
Calvert - low 100's
Miller - low 100's
Royce - low 300's
Sanchez - 300's
Rohrabacher - 200's
Campbell - concurrent with his seniority ranking

are you serious?

If Royce was given #138 he was undervalued. Definitely top 100 maybe top 50 and with a bullet. He is the one OC rep who is destined for stardom. A possible future Speaker,perhaps Secretary of State but in any event a rising star.

Power Rankings

Nicely done Ken B. You are off on some though. Remember Campbell stepped into some good committee assignments which count for a good deal. He has Budget, Financial Services and VA. Tenure counts, but only if you do something with it. But can you guess which Republican ranks at the bottom in the Senate? And dare to guess how the California Senators did?

James Vaughn

CORRECTION: Our data covers 2005 and since Re. Campbell did not get his committee assignments until end of January his score will be dramatically lower for this report. The data will be updated for the next release and he will receive credit at that point. His score will simply reflect his tenure and his legislation.


I wasn't that far off:
Calvert - low 100's (Actual 92)
Miller - low 100's (Actual 149)
Royce - low 300's (Actual 129 -- for what, his Africa subcommittee?)
Sanchez - 300's (Actual 337)
Rohrabacher - 200's (Actual 219)
Campbell - concurrent with his seniority ranking (same)

richard riggs

I am totally taken back with the Republican delegates voting on IRAQ based on party lines. I elected Royce to represent me, and vote his own conscience. If Royce trully believes progress is being made in IRAQ, he must be as narrow minded, and stubborn as the President. I am always going to be a registered Republican, but I'm going to vote for very few Republicans in future elections until I get a better feeling that they are not so easily influenced and directed like they are being driven like cattle to Kansas City.

Richard R.

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