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May 17, 2006


OCEA Member

I have no problem with this. And despite what you might believe the 'opt out' procedure is very simple.

I know the blogpen believes we just sit around and do nothing until we can collect our so called lavish pensions. I can assure you that isn't the case. You don't see OCEA members doing blog posts during the day. Even if we could, we wouldn't. We don't have the time like hot shot political consultants or OCSD spokespersons.

We Need Moorlach

Too bad we let Lou Correa walk into his seat on the board. The union might not feel so impowered now on the Moorlach race had Correa had some real I.E. money thrown against him.


John's brought some of this on himself with his in-your-face approach to employees. Its a problem with the Republican wing of the Republican Party who like to mau mau unions. I read a post that drew a good parallel to what many "progressive"(they shy away from liberal these days you know) Dems do--they demonize corporations, as if the shareholders weren't real people too.

You find many jurisdictions in California where there are conservative Republican board or council members and city or school employee groups. And there is not always the acrimony as we have with OCEA & Moorlach or the blank check situation that you have in some board or cities. We need that at the County level.
And of course the employees are going to go nuts if they are not treated with respect.Theres got to be a happy medium somewhere. I thought Street's style of being fiscally prudent but not embarassing people would work well but we'll have to see if he can get beyond the knee jerk reactions some of the employees have.

Anyway, Jubal, this is not Armageddon... if Moorlach and the OCEA honchos will take it down a notch after John's election maybe we can start over. Time to stop demonizing the opposition and work together. John needs to realize most of these employees do a great job. OCEA needs to heed your warning that they could get Bob Citron II if they don't watch out.

OCSD Member

To the above OCEA member:

The reason OCSD members are able to post blogs during the day is because they are at home trying to sleep after a 12-hour midnight shift, but can't because morons like you keep calling in the middle of the day.

Oh yeah, that's right, you wouldn't understand the whole working 12 hours through the night thing because you get to spend your nights at home during your career sleeping in your comfy, warm bed and spending your holidays with your family making holiday pay waiting for your over-priced, under-earned pension while maligning the cops that make the sacrifices that you were too weak and unwilling to make.

And then you expect the same type of compensation? Give me a break!

You want support? Don't malign us!

OCEA Member

OCSD. Nice. I was referring to a member of the blogpen who happens to run his own blog while working for your (and his) boss.

Comprende? Now go back to sleep.

Hey Matt -- you are "hotshot" - cool huh.

I don't think an electronic opt-out is a better option. This should be an opt-in activity, preferrably the opt-in paperwork would be notarized. I can imagine how any OCEA members would want to have a board of supervisors who would bankrupt them out of a job.

Allan Bartlett

This is the same OCEA that GOP supervisors Jim Silva, Bill Campbell and Tom Wilson enabled. How any good conservative could vote for Silva for State Assembly is beyond me. The unions are desperate because they know a Norby, Moorlach, and Bates majority are going to hopefully rollback all the ridiculous pension increases and sweetheart deals that Silva et al caved in to.

Powder Blue Report

Art Pedroza

Instead of wasting their time with Carona and Silva, OC Republicans need to rally around Moorlach and Norby...


So the union is ASKING for PERMISSION to use union dues for political purposes???

If they want permission for $10, why don't they ask for permission on their entire dues?

Hmmmm... Paycheck Protection

Yeah baby!!!!

OCEA Member

Spock. I'm all for paycheck protection. As soon as shareholder protection is on the same ballot.

Prop 75 had one huge flaw. People recognized it for what it was. An warranted intrusion by one group into the affairs of another.


Even if Moorlach is elected to the BOS (and he likely will be, despite the OCEA and other unions' best efforts), the recent pension spike will not be "rolled back." Not a chance of that. What's going to happen is the dirty little secret that the OCEA and the other unions (mine included, the OCAA) won't discuss - back to Tier I and Tier II: Much less benefits for Tier II employees. When the BOS approved a pension spike that was fully retroactive for older employees, at no cost to them, this became inevitable. And that's all Moorlach is saying.

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