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May 12, 2006


A Sept. 15, 2003, Sheriff’s Department memo marked “Urgent” and “High Importance” indicates Carona gave alleged con artist Joseph M. Medawar—a B-flick Hollywood executive and Lebanon native with close ties to Saudi Arabia—permission to film the secret facility as well as that year’s Sept. 17 anti-terrorist response practice.

The memo, e-mailed from the account of Elaine Vasquez, the sheriff’s executive assistant, was directed to the office of then-Assistant Sheriff George Jaramillo. It states that Carona had “pre-approved” three of Medawar’s camera crews “to videotape the whole thing.” The memo directs Jaramillo to work on the project with Medawar and Hollywood fund-raiser Arthur Kassel.

Sources say Sheriff’s Captain Cathy Zurn, who is in charge at Loma Ridge, was outraged by the request but eventually followed orders. Zurn did not respond to calls for an interview.

Sources say blah, blah, blah. you guys sound like a bunch of gossiping old ladies.

Arthur Kassel. There is a story. Where do we start. Anyone want to go first?

Medawar & Hollywood, (poster 10:09) -

Then Sgt. Roger Newmeister says it best about the end of his emergency drill. The drill and debrief was over, everyone was ready to go home when they were told hold on. Actors, lights & cameras rolled in and ACTION!

Arthur Kassel. Let's see. Ask Cathy Zurn, Pete Gannon, Mike Hiller, Jeff Bardzik and others. You'll get the same response. An idiot who had a badge and unit, that he crashed, all because he had money and influence.

I'm one of those "Pissers" that gave up his badge and credentials after the awards ceremony in April. I was also one of those given a silver star for volunteering over 1200 hours. There were only 8 awards given that night out of a total of 344 active PSR's. My question is, what are the rest of them doing? (I can guess how you will answer that.)
I gave up this volunteer time because it became apparent that I was becoming too negative to be effective. The man that I thought was a good leader became a very good divider. Carona is totally responsible for the division of a sheriff's department. A sheriff's department is one that needs to operate on teamwork; this is being eroded by their leadership.
None of us is perfect, we are human , but most of us are intelligent enough to act accordingly to the status of the uniform and badge we represent to protect and serve those that we SERVE, the public.
I dropped out because I became too negative and did not want to be a part of the picture that was causing division. Mike Carona needs to resign for the good of a department. I will gladly offer my volunteer hours to help, unselfishly, and without any other motives but to serve when Hunt is in and Carona steps down.

X-STA 18

KIP- You made a comment earlier about the troubles with Gates, LaDucer and patrol being ridiculed. Back then our patrol shoudl be ridiculed not because of their leaders but because of the attitudes of some of the men and women that patroled back then (EXCLUDING HUNT) I remember a time when Deputy II in patrol looked down at Deputy II that worked in the jails. As if the patrol deputy was better than us back then- At least Bill never acted that way-I don't blame our leaders back then, everyone of us has the ability to be a leader regardless of formal position. So the next time you attack a past leader, look in the mirror and asked if you could have done better? PS do you rememeber the motor in Mission Viejo that wreck his bike so many times he has to be dropped off at the Mission Viejo Mall? He was one of those guys that snubbed his arrogant nose at us jailers!

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