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May 17, 2006



You're right... it's a good forum. But "Freeways or Treeways?" That should be "Freeways or Weedways?" It's hardly Sherwood Forest out there east of the I-5 where Foothill-South will be built.

Patrick Strader

At the Jeffrey and Alton intersection in Irvine, the signs said, "Healthcare, Right or Privilege?"


Traditional media organizations are finally starting to embrace the 2-way communication opportunities that the Internet has given us. I was impressed when the Register started a business blog last year. They must have liked the results, because now they have two of their business writers doing daily blogs and directly responding to comments from the community.

Illegal Alien

Who do I have to complain to to get this stopped.

It worked over at the SA Citizens site.

Anthony Kuo

The "myspace" folks were on Newport at the Triangle square at the end of the 55. (Patrick, you must have seen those signs after the Board meeting!)

El Comandante

I spotted two guys on the corner of Bristol and Sunflower in Santa Ana with signs that read "Google.gov?" and then "talk about it".

Interesting strategy.



The Register has never understood blogs or two-way communication. They are thin-skinned and always need to control content.

petit bourgeois

Yes, and the citizenship status of those they employ is questionable. Too bad a phone call to ICE won't do any good.

Rolling my eyes at silence dogood

Oh I see silence Dogood,

First you'll discount(rolling your eyes) the two men because it appeared that it was a few wackos exercising their rights.

Then when you see the name and money behind this "read all about it " campaign you are all, Hey that's something worth checking in too.

If you could see me, "I'm rolling my eyes at people like you that feel political expression has to have money and a name to be credible

Silence Dogood

While I appreciate your not-so-subtle innuedo that I'm a rich political elitist, the actual reason for rolling my eyes was my continued frustration about the inopportune situations that have me wanting to engage in debate. I was behind the wheel. For that I was mildly upset. I rolled my eyes.

Thanks for playing.

You misread me..not isinuating your wealth just your attitude.

So the OC Register is hiring illegals to hold signs in the medians when they are not selling flowers or oranges? What next? I expect to see them supporting unions and higher taxes.

el s

well yeah, thier hiring illegals! silence said they looked hispanic.. that's good enough for me!

Silence Dogood

I never suggested they were illegal.

Latino? Yes. Illegal? How would I know?

That's probably why he rolled his eyes...Saw a latino discounted it as some pro-latino propaganda and then found out it was was okay because the OC register was behind it.

Silence Dogood

I've explained why I rolled my eyes. Keep trying to race-bait. You look foolish.

Alert...there is a motorist out there who is constantly rolling his eyes becauuse of all these "inopportune situations". Let's all imgine how many billboards are along the 55 Frwy. Don't be listening to the radio silence dogood because you'll surely be rolling your eyes into the back of someone's car. Watch out for those bumber stickers, another "inopportune situation", still rolling his eyes.

Silence dogood, nobody trying to bring race into this discusion, only confirm what you stated on your original post, " I thought they had to be anti-Minutemen, so I passed them by rolling my eyes" but now your saying it was a "inopportune situations", that made you roll your eyes. Who's looking foolish now!

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