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May 19, 2006


Petula Clark

I've been to both downtown Brea, and downtown Fullerton. I like both of them. They are different. No doubt about it.

Does it occur to the blogpen and the intellectually lazy Greenhut that maybe the citizens in Brea didn't want a downtown like the one that has emerged in Fullerton? Does it occur to them that maybe what is now there in Brea is what those folks wanted and like. I was just there last week. Despite the snide remarks of the types of shops in Brea, I didn't see any empty storefronts. And I saw a bustling business in the stores I observed.

I don't see anyone from Brea making snide remarks about the OCR writers. I guess they're just a bit too polite to do that.


Petula, the importance of the discussion lies not primarily in the differences between Fullerton and Brea downtowns, but the means each used to produce what they ended up with. Brea used goverment police power to put citizens and taxpayers out of business and out of their homes. Fullerton didn't. It's as simple as that.

Petula Clark


Has anyone asked those displaced if they believe they were oppressed by the Brea City Council? For all any of us know Brea gave them a better deal than would have been possible left to the devices of the 'free market', if you still believe such a thing exists.

Greenhut goes on to state; "bulldoze the downtown and huge subsidies to boring chain-outlets and movie theaters."

What does that mean? Since when has he become the arbiter of what is boring and what is cool? He only reveals his pseudo wannabe elitist mentality with remarks like that. Did he think (not possible since he constantly proves his intellectual laziness) to ask those directly affected about the development? I bet not.

Did he bother to ask those business owners in Brea if they consider themselves boring? That question answers itself.
And like I asked. Did anyone ask the citizens of Brea who remember what the old downtown looked like if they weren't willing to subsidize the project to get the look that is present now.

Until I see something from all sides I just consider the wacko libertarian ideology put forth by the OCR to be just that.


I'm not sure Bill Vega was too excited about his family owned repair shop in Brea being seized for a brewery-pub.

And I suspect that if you asked Brea citizens who have been around awhile, they would tell you the downtown looked just fine until the Brea redevelopment people discovered blight in the early 1970's and subsidized the Brea Mall, leading to the eventual demise of the downtown.

Petula Clark

Bladerunner. Show me where that is the case. The people I know who live in Brea prefer this downtown to its predecessor.

I've only heard one perspective that claims to be speaking for the negative of the present situation.

Hardly a basis to make an informed decision. Wouldn't you agree?

And you don't address the point of the current downtown beind considered 'boring' by OC's King of Cool....Steve Greenhut.

Posted by: Petula Clark at May 20, 2006 6:52:03


I remember the old Brea downtown. I have family and friends in town. Generally the older folks like the old downtown and the younger ones like the new setup. But my point was that the demise was caused or at least highly accelerated by the 70's redevelopment itself, something you didn't address. SO its more then one person. But you know something Petula? Most redevelopment people, city planners and companies like Costco who rake in the big bucks($30 million) from redevelopment giveaways dont' get it but what makes our country great is that it's a big deal when even one person's liberty is being taken away.

If you're right and Brea likes this so much then as long as they are willing to put their tax dollars into it it's ok with me---unless they deprive or coerce a property owner of his or her rights for the benefit of a private intererst.

And if you're right that Brea has come alive and redevelopment has worked, then why not ackowledge that there isn't any more blight and stop the redeveopment game(at least stop the eminent domain part of it)?

Finally, I'm sorry I did not address Steve Greehut's labeling of downtown Brea as being "boring." I didn't think I needed to. But now that you ask, I kind of enjoy goingto Brea and having dinner and drinksonce in a while. It's got that "Irvine" quality to it. I wouldn't go so far as to call it boring but a steady diet of it would remind me of milk on toast, if you know what I mean. I'm like you, I like both Fullerton and Brea, but I would give the nod for a creative and fun night to Fullerton. But, different strokes for different folks.

Petula Clark

NCS. Great response. I can only answer with an explanation that the city planners haven't stopped because those who vote in Brea haven't made them stop.

We live in a representative democracy whereby the populace votes individuals into a position to make those kinds of decisions.

And for the record. I enjoy going to both downtowns for different reasons.


"I can only answer with an explanation that the city planners haven't stopped because those who vote in Brea haven't made them stop."

PC, you have hit upon the real problem in Brea. But having a majority believe in something, or even tolerate something in its apathy does't make it right. Redevelopment, as a political, process (oxymoron, really) operates in a virtual vacuum.

NCS and Bladreunner: I appreciate both of your comments.

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