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May 25, 2006


Suicide at the Sheriff’s Department???

Does anyone have any information about an OC Sheriff Officer killing himself within the last few days? The below was cross posted in the Carona Chronicles and the Tin Star. However, true to form, Sarge is deleting all comments about the matter because it reflects negatively about Carona. The posting below mentions how the officer killed himself after having to testify about Carona before the Grand Jury. Apparently there is a memorial service planned at Saddleback Church next week.

WHEN : Tues
TIME: 1100 hours
PLACE: Saddleback Church
WHY: So Carona can make us feel sorry for him "losing a soldier."

No mention of how a man clinically depressed for years, including when he worked for Marshall Carona, was placed in a high profile, stress assignment with no direct supervision, (no sergeant), except Carona himself.

He appears before the Grand Jury and is asked questions about his Carona. He immediately takes unannounced vacation days, says he is tired of it all, says he is going to retire and then in a depressed moment commits suicide.

When will it ever be enough?

you are sicker than sick

trying to gain a few votes out of this terrible tragedy Maybe you can call a press conference at his burial sick sick sick

Who's Sick

If you read the blogs, that's exactly what they're worried Carona will do.

Mike Hunt

L.A. Times Endorses Ralph Martin For Sheriff
...Of Los Angeles County!

Arte M.

I recommend a name change to the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department of Orange County.

Norby has endorsed a Democrat for Assembly. Now it's three questionable endorsements.


So Norby endorses a Democrat in a safe republican seat. So what.

I don't know anything about that race, but I'm going to assume that this candidate is probably one of the more moderate Democarts.

I'm sick of Democrats playing in Republican primaries and sticking us with legislators like Tom Harman. We need to do the same thing in areas where Republicans can't win.

The 56th and 69th are prefect examples.

Republicans, Help Claudia!

I agree with Anon 1:00PM. As Republicans we should be helping Claudia Alvarez. Jose Solorio is a hard core Socialist Chicano Activist and would be the worst of two evils. How about an IE hit on Jose...anyone?


Ryan Gene Williams will easily beat Claudia and finish her gift and goodies world tour of politics

OC Fire Storm


I’m disappointed that you failed to mention the OCR’s lead story was Taylor winning American Idol. People bag on the LAT, but how can anyone take the Register seriously when they lead with American Idol???


Anonymous at 2:12: That's precisely why we need to help Claudia win, because Ryan could beat her and we could take an Assembly seat.

This Sheriff race has gotten ridiculous. Has anyone else noticed a heightened police presence lately? I mean, just this morning alone I saw three different cars pulled over on my way to school, and I only live 2 miles from my school, here in Aliso Viejo. Granted, there is a Sheriff department station here in Aliso as well, but such a high propensity for pull-overs, particularly at 7:00 AM, is out-of-the-ordinary. It seems as though someone, who might have some degree of control over the activities of the greater OCSD, is making his (I mean, "their") presence known and are making sure that the citizens of Orange County feel more safe under his (Oops! "their") watch...

Norby Endorse

Hate to break the news. But the 56th is NOT a safe GOP seat.

Flowers has an uphill battle against Mendoza and Ramirez.

Ralph Martin will win the election. Maybe not on June 6th, but certainly by November. You can stick a fork in Carona. His inside poll shows him in the 30% area ever since Martin called on him to resign over the "MOB' connection.

Fact is, this LA Times endorsement will give Martin the Dem vote (30%) plus the anti-carona vote. It will be close on June 6th, but not impossible for Martin to win it.

So you're a Martin supporter but you have the inside polling data from Carona? Riiiigggghhhhht!!!!!! You can guesstimate all you want, but the truth is you don't know squat.

Nice guess, but we both know it's just wishful thinking.

Blind loyalty is a wonderfull thing!

What a surprise! The L.A. Times endorsed a candidate from... L.A. Wooohooo, there's a shocker...

If the LA Times endorsement is no big thing, then why did Carona interview for it? HHMMMM

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