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May 24, 2006


Say What?

Is there really a reporter from the Daily Pilot named John Moorloch writing articles about John Moorloch???

El Comandante

If Irvine was really smart they would have equipped all Woodbury units with solar panels. In ten years residents would be generating a surplus of energy and Edison would have to pay them for their energy.


I guess it's just a coincidence that an ACLU lawyer happened to be at the dialogue session and people were there signing up voters...

Woodbury East's 761 units will include water-efficient plumbing....

Translation: All the toilets in your new home will require three flushes and a plunger to get anything larger than a marble to go down.

Time to buy stock in Metamucil.


Placentia Party Line:

Downtown redevelopment is the way the city can bounce back from its rail project mistakes, Mayor Scott Brady said Tuesday in the annual State of the City address.

The haystack is on fire. Quick, throw on more hay!

Pizza Man Delivers

Placentia is on it's way to B.K. Watch Stormin Norman Eckenrode screw the city over again...


"Translation: All the toilets in your new home will require three flushes and a plunger to get anything larger than a marble to go down." Wow. Is there ANYTHING you people like about the environment? Do you like to take your kids to the ocean and not have to swim in feces, maybe? Do you like air that isn't brown? Or are you the type who believe that a 16 % pro-environment voting record (a la Tom Harman) means you're a communist, and being "stewards" of the earth means "the quicker we mess it up, the quicker there'll be Armageddon and we can all get to heaven"? We live in a DESERT, people. Personally, hte low-impact plumbing I'm envious of is the kind of toilet that releases different amounts of water for No. 1 or No. 2. How cool is that?


We live in a DESERT, people.

And the only reason we are able to sustain such a large and prosperous population in this desert is thanks to the foresight of our forebears who built the LA Aquaduct, the Colorado River Aquaduct and the State Water Project.

And if today's environmental groups and regulatory structure had been around in those days, we'd still be living in a desert because the NRDC would have them tied up in legal knots over "inadequate EIRs."

Fortunately for everyone in SoCal who expects water to come out of their faucet every day, we had leaders saw nature as something to be used for the benefit of people -- rather than something that had to be saved from any contact with the human contagion.

How could Alcarez "drop out of a race" he was never in...like the tree in the forest. His endorsement of Hunt only proves he was job hunting. No money, no experience no direction. He should have saved his money for a vacation. Great Business man!

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