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May 17, 2006


Bustamante Busted!

Another Politico Real Estate bust. This is Huntington Beach's Garfalo all over again...I guess Bustamante and company have aleady forgotten the lessons of former Councilman/Felon Ted Moreno.

Support the 241

Re: Illegal immigration dominates...

Meant to post here: just got a robocall from Ed Royce supporting Pat Bates on immigration. Guess it's better than those delightful calls from India to refinance my mortgage!

Support the 241

More on the Supe's race: Just got called for a poll on the 5th district race. How do I feel about candidates, who would I support, etc. Go, Pat!

Grand Jury Eyes Santa Ana

Anyone else heard that the Grand Jury is looking at the Santa Ana Hawaiigate problems with Bustamante and company?

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