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May 12, 2006




Yorba Linda knows better

The New Majority a.k.a. the Small Minority, only endorses the most moderate candidate in a Republican Primary. I guess it's pretty clear now that Marty Simonoff is the more conservative of the two.

How will the establishment deal with this one, or will it matter since Duvall has very wisely provided "seed money" to the coronated ones at his father-in-law's house?

I was sort of on the fence with this one, but now I'm definitely voting for Simonoff since he's not beholden to those who want to flush our party down the toliet.

Recall Duvall

Ethics in Yorba Linda May be an Issue – at least for Duvall

Last week a complaint was filed with the Fair Political Practices Commission alleging that Yorba Linda City Councilman Mike Duvall had repeatedly violated state ethics laws.

The complaint notes that Duvall purchased property across the street from the city’s redevelopment area weeks after city actions made it obvious that the value of the property was likely to increase as the city invested millions of dollars in the redevelopment process.

According to the complaint, Mike Duvall has “frequently failed to report income and on his economic disclosure report and voted on matters that impact the economic interests of those providing that income.”

It notes that Duvall failed to report that the property across the street from the city¹s redevelopment area was secured by a Peter Karagines promissory note of $138,200 on December 18, 2003. Neither Mike Duvall’s statement of economic interest reports in 2003 or 2004 reported the promissory note.

Karagines, who is Duvall’s father-in-law, also owns the home that Duvall lives in and employs Duvall’s wife. None of Duvall’s disclosure reports list his wife’s income as required by state law. Also, Duvall has stated numerous times that his father-in-law is his biggest client in his insurance business.

This not a surprise to anyone in Yorba Linda and Duvall should be held accountable or at least give the residents of Yorba Linda an ethical reason why he should not be held accountable. Yes, this is the same Mike Duvall that wants the 72nd Assembly District to send him to Sacramento. With some of the conduct in Sacramento, Duvall must figure himself to be a good fit based on this prior conduct.

The California Attorney General’s web page lays out the law on what income must be reported:

…a public official has an economic interest in a for-profit business entity if: the official has a direct or indirect investment of $2,000 or more in the business entity; or the public official is a director, officer, partner, trustee, employee, or holds any position of management in the business entity. A direct investment means an official personally owns an investment. An indirect investment means the official's spouse, the official's dependent children or anyone acting on the official's behalf has an investment.

..a public official has an economic interest in real property if the official has an equity or leasehold interest in real property valued at $2,000 or more. The official's interest includes the official's direct, as well as indirect, interests. A direct interest in real property means an official personally holds the interest. An indirect interest means the official's spouse, the official's dependent children or anyone acting on the official's behalf has an interest in real property.

…a public official has an economic interest in sources of income to the official. A source of income to a public official is anyone, whether an individual, business entity or an organization, that provides or promises $500 or more in income to the official within 12 months prior to the government decision-in-question. A person or entity that provides income to an official, either directly or indirectly, may be a source of income to the official. Indirect sources include the following:

In California, a public official has a community property interest in his or her spouse's income. Therefore, a person or entity that provides income to an official's spouse may be a source of income to the public official, as well.

A public official who owns 10% or more of a business entity is deemed to receive "pass-through" income from the business's clients in proportion to the public official's ownership stake. Therefore, the business's clients may be sources of income to the public official, if the official's proportionate share of the payments is $500 or more.

Reality Check

Hey Recall-

Here is case where knowing the man vs. making stupid assumptions based on the paper trail is DANGEROUS. Usually, it gets fools like you and I stirring up troubles where there are none and WE get in trouble instead.

Maybe I am privy to some xtra info having known Mike & his father-in-law for nearly 20 years in my professional capacity, but trust me, he is one gentleman & a relationship where no pre-nup was needed.

Mike enjoys a great life and owes a large chunk of his success in business to Peter, but in Greek families like other European cultures, Business is Business. You get the love of knowing no matter what you will be able to survive, but you must make it ON YOUR OWN. There are clean lines to who benefits from economic prosperity in the Karagines/Duvall household. Simply put, his wife is her own person and there finances are seperate re: Daddy's BIG bucks. Including tghe appearance of windfalls from fruit of the Golden Orange tree off Bastanchury.

Duvall is a self made man, but his marriage did help. But NEVER underestimate the control a Greek father maintains over his family and HIS financial interests. Unlike many OC politicians held up for ridicule, Duvall knows first hand that his successes are his own and so are his screw ups. His wife & family will always be cared for, but otherwise HE IS ON HIS OWN.

Just because a candidate's last name might be Trump for example, don't expect to be seeing The Donald do commercials or send millions of $$$ to that person's hypothetical campaign. Likewise, Peter counsels Mike and vice-versa, but the love in that family is based on emotion, not finances.

So Recall, you might have in interesting comment to make with all of those allegations you just hurled, but trust me based on my experience in The OC, keep your identity hidden in the Blogsphere becuz telling the truth about supposed "scumbag politicians" gets you more grief than love in OCGOP circles.


While the New Majority is a moderate GOP group they are clearly more republican friendly than the unions who are supporting their whipping boy Siminoff.

Siminoff is pro-eminent domain. He opposed the VLF reduction. And his campaign, which to date has yet to send out a mailer, is banking on the fact that his Union boss buddies or the "Trash Men" will come to the rescue and buy his election.

Orange county is tired of RINO reps. Siminoff is a union sycophant. At the candidate forum he and the left wind nut Democrat agreed that their was no pension problem in California. But of course he did, because he's a product of the system.

Duvall isn't perfect, but Siminoff is a union lackey boy who tells everybody in Brea that he's persuing this job because he needs the money.

As a brea resident, I deserve better than a yes man for the union bosses.


This is what happens when some people make endorsements based upon their view of public perception. I'd expect better from Paul Folino and the New Majority Orange County. If even half the allegations are correct, Councilman Duvall would seem to be a liability on the moral and ethical front. What an embarrassment if either/both the FPPC or District Attorney Tony Rackauckas find wrongdoing. We're not that removed from the character flaws provided to us by Duke Cunningham, but if Duvall has moral or ethical issues, they should be exposed now, even if that embarrasses some folks. And I wish the Recall Duvall folks godspeed (though I noticed they chickened out on step one).....


We need leaders who can say no to unions but can also work with them. Too many politicians either just do what the union says or spend all their time namecalling like one of the posts above. Wake up to the fact that many workers choose to have a union represent them. Treat them with respect. be tough but fair. And quit the name calling....you sound like one of those left wing nuts railing about the fascist corporate monsters.

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