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May 19, 2006



I'm confused: why would Irvine corp oppose a new free way that terminated in Irvine?

TIC tac d'oh!

Because they feel it would negatively affect the value of new homes in OC...Cut off transportation options to job-rich OC and the home value here stays higher... Add transportation options like the tunnel and folks would be more likely to live in the IE and commute.


Remember that Irvine still has developable land. Also, it could increase land values in Lake Elsinore at the end of the tunnel, which Irvine does not control, and create an "edge city" at that end with easy access to Orange County.

Jerry Amante

Remember the old saying ...Location, location, location? The closer you are to where people want to be, the higher the land value. The closer you are to the most desireable land, the more your land is worth. Allowing people easy transit does'nt hurt land values. It helps employees commute. It keeps our economy growing. It improves the jobs/ housing balance. Land values will remain high and the closer you are to the beach...the higher that value.

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