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May 10, 2006


No Way Jose

This race will be won by Claudia Alvarez and here's the inside scoop on why Pulido is endorsing Solorio...Pulido knows Jose can't win it but the loser of this race still has two more years on the council...Pulido gives his endorsment but doesn't do much more...Meanwhile Claudia wins this race by a wide margin....Pulido gives Solorio a shoulder to cry on and they continue with thier current council majorty for two years and then Jose's political career is over due to term limits..no harm..no foul..for Pulido...Alvarez hates Pulido but so what? She hates everyone anyway and the guy he has to serve with, Solorio, is forever indebted to the Mayor... You won't read this in any political buzz column but it's true...also..word on the street is that Jose is holding back $$$ for his Supervisors race which he also cannot win with the host of Santa Ana people running...The lates news is that Garden Grove councilman Mark Rosen is running for Supervisor and as an OCTA Board Member it may make it tough for Jose(OCTA employee) to follow through on his run for Sup...It might be tough to run against your boss:)

Luis Rodriguez

How is this recent news??? Everyone has known that endorsement, in fact Jose's website already reflected his endorsement since it was up.
No Way Jose-
Come back down to reality.

Actually, the latest news is that former Mayor Tomy Daly, now Orange County Clerk will run for Lou's seat. Therby , maintaining this seat for the democrats.

Ivy League

Tom Daly would be a GREAT choice for Sup! And for all of you wondering what a real Harvard Grad. sounds like go listen to Tom speak some time...I think you will see what I mean...

Claudia spent north of $2 million last time around (OK, she's a DEM and by definition not made of the same stuff of Diane Harkey) in sell out IE's from Sacramento AND LOST!!!

Good guys by Santa Ana standards. BUT Jose and Miguel are cut from same cloth = 5 ft tall, shifty and allegedly more corrupt than our GOP's own, Mike Carona is made out to be. Difference is, the Register can't sell papers about TRUE wrongdoings a-la-all- things Santa Ana, nobody cares!!!

Jose and Claudia have both pre-sold their souls in Sac to the highest bidder from the Unions. Armando should not be counted out in this race; after all, the State Dem Party endorsed ARMANDO, not Jose or Claudia. And Armando was Loretta's first District Director...

The only thing Claudia will likely beat Jose in is a trip coming before the FPPC for Ethics violations and Campaign Finance irregularities.


Armando de la Libertad is a good kid...just not quite ready for the bigs...what he should do is drop out and endorse Jose...then when Jose wins he can support Armando for the Ward 3 Santa Ana council seat in two years or get him a job in his field office..there is no shame in being a career political staff person...no shame at all...Look at Mr. Chris Leo...he even managed to get himself on the Santa Ana Planning commission...You wouldn't be the first to drop out when you see you can't win Armando....think about it....


Solorio must be hoping for a slow news day.
And Armando is not doing a Van Tran. He did that once and other then avoiding a pasting by Umberg it got him little. He's in it till the finish.

Art Pedroza

I think Armando will finish ahead of Jose. If Claudia wins the nomination, I predict that many Dems will vote for Ryan Gene Williams instead. She is just awful and is despised by her party base...

Don't Cry For Me Santa Ana!

Art, I don'd disagree that those who know her don't like her but that's insider baseball. VERY few voters know anything about the candidates or elected officials....

They soon will know all about Claudia and her team.

Yeah they will learn that Claudia is a role model for our youth. Grew up in our community , unlike the others. Went to local schools, unlike the others. Went to local undegraduate cal-state college, unlike the others. Earned graduated degree from Califonia private college, unlike the others. Volunteered for community groups,(outside the scope of her employment or during a campign), unlike the others. Is a valued assets to our community by ridden gang members and criminals from our community, unlike the others. Etc, etc...

michael parra

"VERY few voters know anything about the candidates or elected officials...."

A couple of hurtful pieces on Claudia, plus when the debates come around will kill her campaign. Ryan can, and will, slaughter Claudia in any debate... I'd pay money to watch it.

Claudia is my Homegirl

If they think a hit or two is going to impact Ms Claudia Alvarez they don't know my homegirl...She grew up fighting Santa Ana style..What is that you ask? If someone hits you once you hit them 5 times back...and you make your first punch a knock out blow..the others are just insurance once they are on the ground...I'm sure that ain't how they played the game in Armando's "barrio Brea" or Jose's Central Valley lettice fields...:):):)

Claudia is my Homegirl

As for Ryan...Claudia will spank him so hard they will hear him crying at OCC!

Yo Claudia is my home girl

Yo owe me for twisting the barrio brea term, I used this before and it's Brea Barrio. Nevertheless, glad to read that you support Claudia. Make sure you tell every avaible family member and friend that Claudia is one of our own.

Yo Anon 1207

I like Barrio Brea but as long as we are on the same equipo it don't matter done to me..peace out...

69th AD Poll

Recent 69th AD poll

Jose S 30%

Claudia at 39%

Armando 10%

undecided 21%

Luis Rodriguez

The last posts really show the talent of one person putting on a monologue, posed as a dialouge.

Sure Luis, but a combined monologue of 39% is quite convincing!!!

Let me guess your not going for the person with the higher %.

Hey , that's great news. I read Ms. Alvarez mailer over the weekend and I impressed

Hey 12:33,

That's right. Luis is upset his guy is trailing at 10%

What a wasted vote! Mind as well write your own name Luis.

Isn't Luis running for something? Lets make sure we don't pick his name.

Run Luis Run!

I for one, wish Luis would run for City Council this fall...

Luis Rodriguez

Do you actually believe those numbers? I can easily write the same thing:
Latest Poll for 69th Assembly:
Armando De La Libertad 38.2%
Jose Solorio 32.8%
Claudia Alvarez 23.3%
Undecided 5.7%

But does it really matter. Some of you may choose to vote on a candidate based on false numbers coming from the same anon posters, but the educated voters vote for the candidate they believe well represent the 69th best. Claudia has not shown she can do that, nor has Solorio, so I choose to take my chances with Armando as he seems to be the better candidate.

Actually, the State Dem party did the polling last week. Who wouldn't want to know whether to spend for this candidate or the other? Including considering it can be very pricey! I'm not in the district(live 35 miles) northwest of you OC Dodgers fans but just wanted to share.

Luis, you sound like a smart guy but candidate polls can be more deceptive than polls done by the party. Sorry your guy is down , but that politics.

I'll see if I can get the specs out to all

Luis poll is a dissaproval poll..

38.2 percent of Voters dissaprove of Armando de Rameriz

32.8 dissaprove of Jose

23.3 dissaprrove of Claudia

100 disapprove of Luis's run for 69th AD central committee

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