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May 11, 2006


I just heard the same message on my voicemail. I deleted it as soon as I realized it was another one of those annoying political phone ads.

It sounded like an old lady/smoker telling us that Bill Hunt is the choice of Law Enforcement...

I cut it off after that, so I can't really comment on much after that. I do however dispute the claim that he is the choice of law enforcement. He only received 48 percent of the deputies votes. He has been rejected by most law enforcement associations and he isn't even supported by the Mayor of the city where he is employed as chief of police services.

If he's going to annoy people by leaving messages on our answering machines, at least a little truth in advertising would be nice.

Who let the dogs out?

Can you link to the voice message?

Allan Bartlett

I also received a mailer from the Hunt campaign today.

Powder Blue Report



Can you e-mail it to me, and I'll post it?

Carona Must Go

Here is another Gem on OC Sheriff Mike Corrupt Carona. A sell out to all of Law Enforcement. Go this link and see what he has done for you lately.


Once again, that reliable and unbiased rag is quoted by desparate men in the 21st hour.


"that reliable and unbiased rag"

Well, it's the only rag in town. How many issues are there between now and election day? My guess is that's how many Carona stories there are going to be. And some with illustrations, I'll bet.

San Clemente supports Hunt

Bill Hunt is endorsed by the Mayor of San Clemente and every other Councilperson there as well, except for one - the one with Schroeder's ring in his nose, Steve Norblock.

embarrassed for the san clemente city council

The city council (except for knoblock, only cuz he was not there then) listened to Hunt's twisted rendition and explanation of his (Hunt's) role in the Haidl cover-up in San Clemente. Hunt was part of that and he denies it. Those SC city Council people will feel really stupid should the truth of his participation be revealed. They should feel really stupid for backing Hunt. Hunt is a bitter and angry man who charms the people in the beginning...but then his true colors appear.
I am not saying Carona is wonderful. Lord knows. I am saying the San Clemente City Council is stupid.

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