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May 26, 2006



The single-minded vindictiveness of the so-called 'Christians' at Daystar is amazing. Hopefully the KOCE Foundation will prevail in the end, leaving us with a station that's truly focused on Orange County, rather than just serving as a repeater for dime-a-dozen 'religious' programs piped to us from Texas. Give up and let us have our local TV!

Play by the rules

Sorry Biff, the College District is obligated to sell any assets they have to the highest bidder so they can use those profits to benefit the students they serve.

As much as you'd like them to grease the skids with a sweetheart deal to keep KOCE a PBS station, the college board is legally obligated to serve their students, not the multi-millionaires on the KOCE Foundation Board.


On the other hand, the Coastline board could have easily contracting out operation to the KOCE foundation, setting up a situation not dissimilar to this at Pasadena City College when they farmed out operation of the station to Garrison Keillor's bosses in Minnesota. The KOCE Foundation would lease the station based on an RFP that specifically called for the station to provide PBS programming. Coastline made a mistake and they are trying to extricate themselves out of it.

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