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May 22, 2006



I think Armando sunk in $35K of his own money and Claudia did $20K.

Cha Ching

Jose gets around $2,000 a month($200/meeting max 10 per month) for his seat on the Orange County Water District Board...he can afford to put $50,000 in the campaign.

Maybe he pay back the SEIU members their money back that they demanded. Come on Jose, these are working class people asking for their money back. If you support working class people you would pay it back


Working class means middle class. And, if you have ever worked in government (like me), you'd probably agree that most government workers are lazy and hardly earn their money. I said most, not all.


Maybe he is just frugal and actually believes that he has a good chance of winning with another $45K to spend these last two weeks.

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