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May 23, 2006


Andy Favor

Hmmm, he does not read the OC Blog. Or does he? Here is a test.

John, The IRS wastes gobs of time tracking down out of business taxpayers looking for a final 941 Quarterly payroll tax return that has the box checked that there will be no future payroll. I was speaking to an IRS guy today and it sounds like that is all he does, every day of the year and all he will get is a zero return with no tax due.

If the filed 941s match the W-3 at year end, let the IRS close it out administratively. Or as an alternate permit the W-3 to indicate final.

One more thing. Let the IRS use tax preparation software for filling in forms, etc. It serves no purpose other than to waste time to have them fill forms out by hand. The tax law is just too complicated!

Do you have a comment since you are a CPA? These are just a few comments IRS agents have suggested that I pass along.

Andy Favor, CPA

Can John start a blog for Congressmen who vote to give illegal aliens in state tuition?

Silence Dogood

"...which you know will be a banner headline over at FR soon."

LOL. Too true. Too true.

yr chick

I'm hoping he can put his civil war reenactor experience to use in our war against terrorism.

Confused in the Big Orange

Can someone tell me what Campbell has done other than inherit a lot of money and send out a lot of mail?


Won every race.

Ace Freely

Sold a few cars too...

Did John sell the cars or daddy?


Did John sell the cars or daddy?

Ah, the desire to tear down someone more successful than oneself -- a vice as old as the race.

I can see it is very much alive in Anonymous at 9:18.

OC Fire Storm

>>>Ah, the desire to tear down someone more successful than oneself -- a vice as old as the race.


Why didn't you make such a comment when posters were attacking DeYoung in the "Did they really call Cassie DeYoung a HERO???" post?


OC Fire Storm:

A good point, sir -- thank you for reminding me I need to attend to that comment thread.

Confused in the Big Orange

Ah, the desire to tear down someone more successful than oneself -- a vice as old as the race.

That's an interesting statement Jubal. As was pointed out by OC Firestorm.

The blogpen seem to have no problem tearing down Lou Correa (self made from humble beginnings), Tom Umberg (a partner in one of CA's more prestigious law firms), Joe Dunn (self made millionaire) or Antonio Villaraigosa (from a modest/poor background).

All three of those individuals were (like Campbell) very successful prior to entering public life and none of them inherited the anywhere near the means of Campbell. Correa, Dunn, and Villaraigosa are living examples of individuals achieving the American dream of prosperity despite being raised in households less fortuitous than Campbell yet they are continually being torn down by the conservatives on the blogpen and other posters. And don't even get me started with the fawning done over Bush who is the son and grandson of multi millionaires vs Clinton who came from modest means and as history is proving actually knew how to govern which is something no will ever accuse Bush of doing well.

Campbell has won a few races. And he has done it by sending out mail using resources inherited from his forebearers. I can understand that. But no one has answered the question of what he has done. What landmark pieces of legislaton has he authored and seen signed into law?

I guess conservatives should be happy he Correa, Dunn, or Umberg didn't have millions to start with like Campbell.

So does this mean you and the blogpen are going to stop tearing down liberals who wind up being more successful than all of you combined? I (as I'm sure you could as well) list many in that category.



Please cite some examples of Dunn, Correa, Umberg or Villaraigosa(???) being "continually torn down" by me or any member of the Blogpen.

I have certainly criticized their policies and politics (with the likely exception of Villaraigosa -- whom I don't blog about since this is "OC" Blog and he's the mayor of "LA"). However, I have never belittled their personal success -- unlike those who childishly taunt John Campbell on the false assumption that he owes his success in life to inherited wealth.

As for "fawning done over Bush" -- are you sure you don't have OC Blog confused with another blog? I don't think I have ever posted about President Bush more than a few times -- if at all -- in the two years since starting OC Blog.

Confused in the Big Orange

Fair enough Jubal. I didn't state YOU were tearing down individuals. I said the blogpen. And I don't have the patience to search the archives.

other members of the blogpen have been critical of the individuals I've mentioned. One in particular (I'm not sure who so I won't point any fingers) has been very critical of Antonio's desire to be Governor. Describing him as ambitious. I am puzzled by that description since I thought ambition to achieve a higher station is a positive trait. i.e. John Campbell making the jump from the Assembly, to the State Senate, to Congress in less than three years.

The question remains. What has Campbell done other than inherit a lot of money and send out a lot of mail? His function as an elected official is policy. What policy(s) has he brought into law that warrant his title of a "good conservative".

Like all other sensible conservatives I give you kudos for distancing yourself from Bush. Not a great leap of logic to recognize the disaster his administration has become.



You might want to learn more about John Campbell before dismissing him as some who has "inherited a lot of money" and "sent out a lot of mail."

From what I recall, John's grandfather was a longtime LA newspaper editor. I think his father was as well, but I'm not sure. You make Campbell out like he was some kind of Rockefeller scion.

Anyway, here's his bio: http://campbell.house.gov/html/bio.cfm

John's success has been a result of his own intelligence and hard work. He worked as an accountant for a big accounting firm, then went in to the auto business, forst as a controller at a dealership. He worked his way up to buying a dealership and has been successful at it ever since. It doesn't matter what kind of family background one comes from -- success does not automatically result from being born into favorable circumstances. One has to make success happen.

Your repeated implications that he simply inherited money is unfair and inaccurate -- and exactly the sort of "tearing down" you seem to think the Blogpen is guilty of.

Finally: I haven't "distanced" myself from Bush. All I said is I rarely blog about him -- because this is an Orange County blog. There are already a million and one bloggers writing about national politics.

For the record, I completely support Bush's goals in Iraq, and I am dispirited over his refusal to use the power of his office to place a check on the profligacy of my Republican Congress -- just as I am dispirited over a Republican Congress that doesn't behave like a Republican Congress.

Confused in the Big Orange

Well Jubal if you want me to believe that Campbell was just a regular 'joe' who made it with bare knuckles and elbow grease I'll let you believe that.

"Dispirited" is a nice word. I'll give that to you as well.

And you support the President's goals in Iraq. Have you not heard the bugle call? Bush gave a speech about a year ago at Fort Bragg (if memory serves me correctly) asking people to enlist to support his goals in Iraq.

Soooooo.....when is the blogpen throwing your going away party for your enlistment?


Well Jubal if you want me to believe that Campbell was just a regular 'joe' who made it with bare knuckles and elbow grease I'll let you believe that.

Confused, you have aptly named yourself. If you are going to take issue with what I say, then by all means take issue with what I say -- not words that you put in my mouth.

On the other hand, I understand it is easier to argue with a straw man of your own creation.

"Dispirited" is a nice word. I'll give that to you as well.
You'll "give me that"? I didn't know you had the power to decide my thoughts and feelings. You're an amazing person.

And you support the President's goals in Iraq. Have you not heard the bugle call? Bush gave a speech about a year ago at Fort Bragg (if memory serves me correctly) asking people to enlist to support his goals in Iraq.

Well, for starters, they aren't taking out-of-shape 42-year olds. And then there is the small issue of who will take care of my wife and four children. Nice try with the "chicken hawk" maneuver. That's the cheap liberal trick for trying to discredit anyone who advocates or supports military action. Next time I hear a liberal call for more funding for some government program, I'll ask them when they are going to quit their job and sign up for it.

Confused in the Big Orange

Jubal. Sorry to hear you think of yourself as a 'chickenhawk'. I didn't use that phrase. You did.

The war has been going on since 2002. Which means you were 38 when it started and quite capable of running off to support Bush's goals in Iraq. Enlistment age is now 39. Being out of shape is a personal choice, and I am told there are those in the Army who can help with that.

So are there any other members of the blogpen who are eligible? or is it just the usual case of "We're behind you.....waaaayyy behind you" while the true warriors and patriots bear the brunt of this sacrifice.

I'll believe the Bushes support this war when I see the twins enlist.


Wow Confused really is Confused.

John Campbell was one of the most fiscally conservative members of both the State Assembly and State Senate and is currently one of the most fiscally conservative members of the House of Representatives (something I'm sure you have no appreciation for...). His budget committee work is excellent. Here is an excerpt from an e-mail which he sends to his constituents weekly, if not bi-weekly:

"This budget forecasts it at $346 billion. Even though this is down significantly from the $567 billion deficit in 2004, I would have liked it much smaller or $0.

Deficit Outlook: Revenues have increased by 15% and 11% over the last two years as the economy has grown. As long as these revenues keep growing at a rate faster than the spending does, the deficit will go away over time. The budget forecasts revenue growth at a conservative 7%, but if it stays around current rate the deficit may be much less than $346 billion this year."

As far as landmark legislation, John Campbell authored an amendment to the Border Protection, Antiterrorism, and Illegal Immigration Control Act would prohibit sanctuary cities from receiving federal law enforcement grants.

He also authored H.R. 4682, legislation that will make permanently the bans the creation of new state and local taxes on internet access and taxes that discriminate against internet commerce. The existing moratorium on these taxes was created in 1998 as part of the Internet Tax Freedom Act, but this moratorium is set to expire at the end of 2007. Campbellā€™s bill will ensure this important tax ban becomes permanent.

He has also cosponsered several bills, including a national anti-closed shop bill put forth by Congressman Joe Wilson of South Carolina.

Bascially, John Campbell has done a lot and all it would have taken you is some quick research, even of his own House webpage, to find out the information you wanted. However, you chosed not to do so and claim ignorance as "evidence" that John Campbell has not "done anything".


The Iraq theatre of the War on Terror opened in 2003. The actual War on Terror itself started in 2001.

That is such stupid logic "I'll believe the Bushes support for this war when I see the twins enlist". Ok, well if you support welfare, I'll believe your commitment to that when I see you donate all your money to poor people. If you support a woman's "choice" to abort a baby, I'll believe you when you have your child killed. I could go on, but I'm pretty sure your intelligent enough to get my point...



You have a fluid method of argumentation: when you run into an obstacle, you simply flow around it and launch a new allegation.

You know I don't think of myself as a chicken hawk -- but you're either too intellectually lazy or dishonest to engage in a genuine discussion. What's more, this is readuly apparent to anyone reading this blog (with the possible exception of hard-left DailyKos-types).

Comment away, pal -- there's clearly no point in trying to carry on a discussion with you.

Confused in the Big Orange

You two sure are sensitive. Jose, glad to see Campbell is making his mark. Thanks for your input.

To the both of you. I did a little digging to help you with your patriotic fervor.

It seems the age of enlistment is now 42. And Jubal, don't worry about supporting your wife and four children. There are plenty of married service men and women. They do just fine.

I'm sure you and couple others in the blogpen can sign up under the buddy program.


Ok well why don't you donate all your money to the government for welfare programs, if you truly support them?

I would enlist in the military if I thought that the military really needed me and if I were old enough. However, at present, neither of those are true.

Confused in the Big Orange


If that is your reference point for logic, you needn't worry.

You won't pass the aptitude tests.

Jerry Amante

Confused: An attack made without basis makes you sound foolish as well as confused. You clearly don't know John Campbell, what John Campbell has done or is doing. You also don't know those who contribute regularly to this blog or what they advocate and your logic...such as it is...is flawed. You'd be wise to perhaps read more and write less for a time. Just some food for thought.

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