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May 01, 2006



Jubal, the most perspicacious part of Greenhut's posting was the observation that because the Great Pork is now merely a departmental adjunct of the City, funds could be transferred into and out of the Pork with minumal muss or fuss. Just the thing to hide shortfalls, overruns; or alternatively to get City dough into the hands of the deserving loyalists with minimal paper trail - all handled sub rosa by a bureaucrat.

Isn't this the "mushroom theory of management" propounded by our friend Norman Z. Eckenrode in Placentia?


and remember, with the new "Great Park Advisory Board," the Great Park is now essentially a city "department."

This clearly doesn't pass the smell test. But then again, what has in Irvine lately?

Irivne clearly disregards commentary from anyone outside its "sphere of influence". Rarely (if ever) do any Irvine's electeds attend events throughout the county. Larry is immune to any policy that do not affect him (or his city) directly; my guess - the board of supes passes this resolution and that is the last we hear of it. What fries my egg is that Agran is so cunning he is able to master mind this entire scenario (with the help of the late Dornan and his friends at F&M) and all the rest of us can do is sit back and cry about it.

Funny how in a city of influential GOPers the smartest politician is a borderline communist.

Waa Waa

What all the GOP whining about Agran really means is they aren't getting their cut. If any of the complainers were part of the deal you would hear pins dropping.

Conservatives only dislike the taxation that doesn't benefit them.

Gustavo Arellano

Always like your weird words, Jubal!


Apparently, the policy would not permit cross-fund transfers, merely interdepartmental transfers within the same funds. By this definition the Park would still be isolated from an accounting stand point.

On the face of it this seems pretty reasonable; but these transfers could also mask inherent inefficencies within departments and keep the Council and public from a transparent understanding of how mangers are operating their departments - Norm Z's "mushroom theory" of isolation at work.

Anyway, my apologies to Irvine for being so cynical about the Great Park...

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