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May 01, 2006


Laff Riot

I always love how candidates supported by public safety groups are lauded as being supported by democratic interests.

The reality is that both candidates interviewed seeking those endorsements.

That is well known.

If PORAC had endorsed Duvall there would be an entry crowing about his support by public safety.

Give the hypocrisy a rest. The reality is well known by those on this board and those who are not.

Do I need to go down the list of conservative candidates in recent election cycles who are supported by the blogpen who have also been supported by public safety unions?

I don't think Jubal or anyone else wants to go down that road.

I doubt I was the only one watching the AOCDS interview where Carona (who has the blind allegiance of Fleischman and others on this board) was touting how he had improved the earnings and benefits of those working in the OCSD.

And that's just a start.


I notice you don't dispute the premise of the post.

Laff Riot

I might give it a shred of credibility if you posted all the PORAC endorsements instead of the ones you don't like.


Well, this is an Orange County blog. We post about an Orange County issues -- like this race. So forgive me if I don't devote an entire post to "all PORAC endorsements."

However, there's nothing to stop you from doing so in a comment.

Laff Riot

I have to give Jubal credit for not pretending to be objective.


Laff Riot

I have to give Jubal credit for not pretending to be objective.


Give Jubal Credit

He did post a link to their site if anyone else would like to waste their time to read the full endorsement list. I can't blame him for not wanted to clutter up his own page.

Johnny Slash

PORAC primary-only endorsements:

Abel Maldanado (liberal Republican)

Bruce MacPherson (liberal Republican)

Looks pretty clear to me.

Preston L. Bannister

So what is this - guilt by association?

The fact that PORAC also sponsors Democrats is slightly interesting, but rather remote from conclusive. Why they chose to back the guy might be more relevant.

Then again, we seem to a lot of nominal Republicans with a very odd definition of "conservative".

Brea GOP

They chose the guy because he supports what they stand for. In this case PORAC is a labor union. They care about controlling the workplace, increasing pay & benefits and paddng their retirements.

Siminoff supports all that at taxpayer's expense.

Everybody knows the current pension problems are directly related to the 3% at 50 formula and the lavish retirement benefits.

Siminoff supported this for the Brea PD.

It's only natural that big labor would support one of their own.

Laff Riot

Looking at Todd Spitzer's endorsements page I can assume the same venomous charges of not being a conservative apply.

Johnny Slash

Todd Spitzer has no opponent. Nice try.

Laff Riot

So having or not having an opponent is now the litmus test of what constitutes a good conservative rather than someone being a lacky for public employee unions.

Thank you for the clarification.


Is this for real? I guess Simonoff is the personification of evil, huh? I've enjoyed reading this blog occasionally, but the big bad editor seems like a biased heavy!

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