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May 25, 2006



Wow that is an impressive campaign resume. Props to Mr. Duvall, and especially to Mr. Andrew Kiefer, for running what seems to be an extremely well-oiled machine of a campaign...

Not to mention that anyone endorsed by John Campbell is good in my book ;)

Johnny Slash

Keep on truckin'


Having received my third straight Duvall hit piece, I guess politics is more important than facts. It seems Duvall owes some explanations, ranging from his past record on eminent domain issues to questions about his ethical misdeeds reported to the Fair Political Practices Commission.

Hasn't Duvall used eminent domain to take someone's property in the past? Didn't he invest in a building adjacent to a redevelopment project area (he approved the building with variances and then bought into it, and then approve the redevelopment project zone)? Didn't he use redevelopment to enrich himself and isn't that a sin that an elected official should never be excused for doing? Rather than annoited and rewarded, this type of elected official should be investigated and then removed from office. I for one think it is a shame that the Yorba Linda recall effort didn't include Duvall. While the other council members maybe didn't listen to the community on the downtown project, Duvall is the only one that stands to profit personally from the downtown project. Ridiculous....

Go Marty

Felipe. If all you say is true I have to know if Duvall can serve while under indictment? Which sounds like a possibility.

If so, how would his successor be chosen if Duvall wins the primary?

Does anyone know?

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