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May 23, 2006


El Comandante

These local races are so amusing. It's like watching presidential campaign mudslinging, only ten times more lame.

Vote for Eddie Rose!


"Rrp: So essentially what you're saying is that we are voting for the next American Idol of the fifth district."

No. Todd Spitzer was the last of the singing Supes. Unless you count Norby's rendition of the Norwegian national anthem.

Andy Favor

It is time this debate moves beyond the personal attacks such as shoe sizes so we can identify which candidate will best demonize the unions. At this point Cassie is looking pretty darn strong as an individual and that is what we are going to need over the next few years as the pension crisis explodes. I am sorry that it is coming down to one issue, but the pension spike promoted by Tom Wilson cost us dearly and the damage is just begining to show.

I am eagerly awaiting campaign finance documents so we can see who the unions are giving money to because that will be key.

There is a debate at 11:30 today at the Holiday Inn that I wish I could attend. I hope someone will post their observations.

Andy Favor
Libertarian Candidate for 73rd Assembly


Back on topic, I'm afraid that DeYoung is going to win this competition. She's been putting out a new mailer every day for weeks now, with no signs of letting up. I think I've received two or three things from Pat Bates. DeYoung will win simply because of the exposure.

Which is sad, because she's run a campaign based on NIMBY-ism and mudslinging.

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