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May 26, 2006



I guess you could say she has raised the bar for future election fundraising! You might as well just start calling her Supervisor because she is it!

did you hear the one about

the 2 winners in the 5th Superviorial election..... Pat Bates and Cassie DeYoung's consultants

Q & A

Q: Why would DeYoung spend so much on a campaign for a job that pays about an 1/8th as much?

A: Because she can.

Yeah, I'm sure after the election they'll be saying that they actually endorsed Asemblywoman Alvarez all along.


i'm getting sick and tired of seeing deyoung's face every day in my mailbox. i'm voting for p. bates. deyoung: get a life, get over yourself. you're no hero...

DeYoung is Da Kine

I can never get enough of Ms. DeYoung's mail or photos. All you haters out there like socountyman better wise up to who's your new Sup....dig it?


You are looking at an old Report - she is now well over $2 million according to the most recent report just posted by the OC Reg. of Voters.


Harkey spent huge personal sums attacking another Republican and was supported and applauded, yet DeYoung, doing the same, gets blasted?

Q & A


I'm glad I'm not the only one seeing that double standard.


For the record, I have no problem with DeYoung spending as much of her own money as she'd like. It's her constitutional right. In fact, I'm opposed to campaign contribution limits of any kind.

My criticism has been directed at her campaign itself, rather than how much money she is putting into it.


My criticism has been directed at her campaign itself, rather than how much money she is putting into it.

Right, Jubal. As if the Harkey campaign was measurably less nasty than DeYoung's. Ha!

It's no wonder much of the rest of the state thinks badly of Orange County when we're represented politically by trash-talking millionaires such as these.


Accoridng to the campaign reports, DeYoung has spent twice as much as Harkey.


Aagh! I suppose I need to use laser-precision for you.

I have no objection to self-funding multi-millionaire candidates. I'vw worked for enough of them, after all.

I don't object to negative campaigning. Candidates should be free to point out what they consider objectionable in their opponents campaigns.

I object to dishonest campaigns and candidates who will say aboslutely anything -- regardless of whether or not it is ture, or whether or not they even believe in it -- I order to win.

Is it OK for me to hold those opinions, Missy?


Fact Check: the question of who spent more is not at issue.

Jubal: it's perfectly ok for you to hold those opinions, but how about a little intellectual honesty? I know, I know, it's a lot to ask of a paid mouthpiece but I guess hope springs eternal.

You said "I object to dishonest campaigns and candidates who will say absolutely anything -- regardless of whether or not it is true, or whether or not they even believe in it -- I order to win." So what about Harkey's mailer in which she claimed there was a "secret Democratic plot to elect Harman?" You can't convince me that any sane person actually believed this based on a single email from Elaine Booth.

Clearly a case of saying absolutely anything in order to win.


It's OK for me to think that? Gosh, thanks Missy!

As for your "paid mouthpiece" crack -- I am not a spokesman for Bates's campaign. I've done some consulting for her campaign (writing work), but I have no role in strategy or creating mail, nor as a spokesman.

But you'll believe whatever you want.


Jubal, your ability to twist facts is almost beyond belief. No wonder you do this professionaly, for Republicans.

You said, "Is it OK for me to hold those opinions, Missy?" and I said yes. Then you sarcastically "thank" me.

You whine about having to use "laser precision" in your statements, and then when I refer to you as a "paid mouthpiece" you say you're not a spokesperson for Bates.

You should have business cards printed up. "Paid mouthpiece and professional hairsplitter."


Boy, Missy, you are really bugged by my opinions. Yet, you continue to read and comment on my blog, while raising sophistry to a new level.

OC Fire Storm

n. pl. soph·is·tries
Plausible but fallacious argumentation.
A plausible but misleading or fallacious argument.

(I had to look it up.)

Take a day off, Jubal!


"Raising sophistry to a new level."

ROTFL! Stop, Jubal, stop! This is too much. You've missed your calling! You've got to go on stage with this stuff. LOL!

Matt Codner

I just sent the following email to the DeYoung Campaign, after getting infuriated about the F#%^%ING D#%%MNED JUNK MAIL!!!:

Dear Cathryn DeYoung Campaign Representative:

I have been receiving at least two pieces of junk mail daily from your campaign for at least the past two weeks. The latest was an official-looking yellow envelope with the words "URGENT ELECTION GRAM" and "Verify Your Polling Address Inside" on the envelope.

I didn't think any candidate would stoop to such a level but sure enough, there was a mailing from the Cathryn DeYoung campaign inside.

Basing a campaign on junk mail begs several questions:

1. How serious are you about the environment if the bulk of my trash bin is filled with junk mail from your campaign? I don't think I even use this much paper at work. Also, this does not appear to be recycled paper, just the glossy, bad for the environment kind.

2. How can you run a campaign on the slogan "Real Reform" using an advertising medium which has been a daily nuisance for most Americans for the past several decades?

3. How can you be in touch with the local voters? Do you realize how much junk mail we get every day here???!?!?!? Every day I come home and look in my mailbox and 75% of the mail in there is UNSOLICITED and GOES STRAIGHT TO THE TRASH! After a hard day at work, I do not want to see the Penny Saver, the Coupon Clipper, and Cathryn DeYoung ads. I have lived in many places in my life, and never have I received as much junk mail as here.

That yellow envelope was very low, and very deceptive. I might expect that kind of stuff from a credit card company, but not somebody running for election.

I thank you for reading this letter. Please do not add me to any email list. Please remove me from your mailing list.


Matt Codner
Capistrano Beach

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