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May 22, 2006



Californians United are the cats who sent out those absolutely DISGUSTING mailers against Umberg. Far as I've been able to tell, it's Nunez's pac--not that you can tell from looking at their disclosures.

Thank a Commie

I repect your interest and research on Political issues Rebecca...and of course love you club reviews:)


"Disgusting" hit piece but factually correct.

In life you lie in the disgusting filth you create. While it can be repulsive, gross, and disgusting we all make our own beds...Umberg has to lie in his.

Have you seen Dr Rey yet?

Se ya honey

Californians United is a group affiliated with former Assemblyman Bruce Young. And aligned pretty closely with Don Perata. Not so much Nunez.


Rebecca is right. If the poster(and the Correa supporters who put out the pieces)who thinks they are factual had any guts they'd make their charges face to face with Tom and Robin.


Frankly, I don't know why Tom decided to run with all that stuff--and yes, it's factual--out there. But I am really sick of Dems slaughtering each other like they're Bates and DeYoung or Harman and Harkey. Leave the nasty to (and for) the Republicans, not our own.

B) You're right: Perata, not Nunez.

C) Who on earth is Dr. Rey?


Wait, Dr. Rey the plastic surgeon? Are you saying I need some? Talk about a knife to the back!

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