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May 30, 2006



What's up with Chris Norby?

This is hard to understand - endorsing an eminent domain loving, tax and spend liberal like Marty Simonoff.

Now Marty is funny...

May 01, 2006
Give Marty Simonoff Credit For Not Pretending To Be A Conservative
I realize a candidate seeking the Republican nomination in an Orange County legislative seat has to label themselves a "conservative." This is true no matter how un-conservative the candidate really is, simply because OC GOP primary voters are pre-dominantly conservative.

So I have to hand it to Brea Mayor Pro Tem Marty Simonoff, who is running to succeed termed-out Assemblywoman Lynn Daucher in the 72nd AD. I was perusing his campaign website, and nowhere did I find the word "conservative." Sure, the campaign verbiage about taxes and illegal immigration, for example, is conservative. There's even this kinda/sorta-conservative statement about eminent domain:

Marty Simonoff opposes the taking of private property by city or county governments so that developers can build malls or shopping centers.

Apparently, Simonoff isn't counting his support for including eminent domain in the Brea downtown project.

Still, I'm impressed Simonoff's website is devoid of methinks-he-doth-protest-too-much affirmations of conservatism. Quite the contrary: judging from his endorsements, Simonoff is the kind of Republican who Democrats and public employee unions want in the legislature.

There's PORAC (the Peace Officers Research Association of California), which was traditionally the "Democratic" law enforcement group before all the other public safety unions also took on that role. In addition to endorsing Marty Simonoff, PORAC is also endorsing:

Phil "Soak The Rich" Angelides (D) for Governor
John Garamendi (D) for Lt. Governor
Joe Dunn (D) and Abel Maldonado (R) in their respective Controller primaries.
Cruz Bustamante (D) for Insurance Commissioner
Deborah Ortiz (D) and Bruce McPherson (R) in their respective Secretary of State primaries
Jack O'Connell (D) for Superintendent of Public Instruction
Bill Lockyer (D) for Treasurer
Jerry Brown (D) for Attorney General
Simonoff also has the support of local elected Democrats like Fullerton Councilwoman Sharon Quirk and Placentia Councilman Norm Eckenrode.

And word on the street is the CCPOA will pour a truckload of money into the district to try and elect Simonoff.

At least we know who the labor/Democrat favorite in the 72nd AD Republican primary is.

Posted by Jubal on May 01, 2006 at 11:00 AM

Art Pedroza

And Norby also endorsed Daucher. Say it ain't so Chris!

Pizza Guy Endorses Marty

So when he's not crashing his car into people he is out endorsing fellow Dem.'s You rock Norm "Pizza Guy" Eckenrode!!!

Yorba Linda GOP

Some prominent Republican Leaders didn't do their homework - or do they simply not care?...

A mailer was sent out today and one last week in support of Mike Duvall by
the California Senior Advocates League PAC. The mailer today also included
the photo and names of 13 prominent Republicans. In checking the donors to
the California Senior Advocates League PAC, one of the major donors is none other than the Hustler Casino which is a part of the Larry Flynnt empire.

Do you think that these prominent Republicans know that they were used in a
mailer to support Mike Duvall and that mailer was in part paid for, in large part, by LarryFlynnt?

Does anyone know if any of the Christian organizations are aware of all of these Republicans being on this mailer and that Mr. Larry Flynnt has supplied major dollars for this mailer? I don't think so

But Duvall is the "good conservtive Republican" - that must be the reason why a
infamous distributor of pornography would in part pay for a mailer supporting him, right?

It just goes to show you can't believe everything you read and when it comes to Duvall, you probably should not believe most things he says.

This should be the last straw on top of everything else he has pulled in the City of Yorba Linda. We need to recall Duvall!

Uh Yorba Linda GOP, Have you ever heard of an IE?

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