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May 24, 2006


Art Pedroza


If we had ward-specific council elections in Santa Ana, your theory would go out the window. There would be successful Anglo candidats in the north and probably the southernmost wards. The citywide format, which the city leaders cling to because of their fear of Nativo Lopez and his ilk, will doom candidates like Bist in the future. But they are too stupid and short-sighted to see that.

So, in the meantime, LA-style Chicano politics will indeed prevail in Santa Ana. I am just not sure that is a good thing, but perhaps these candidates will be more accountable then the current crop. I for one am quite happy to bid Bist adieu...

As for my run for the school board in 1998, it was doomed because my principal opponents, Davis and Palacio, each raised over $50,000, largely in union money. I raised $5,000 - which of course was not sufficient, although I paid less per vote than any of the other candidates. Also, Rosie Avila had promised to help me, but she got sick early in the campaign, and that was that.

I won't be running for office again, as I prefer blogging about politics. I did run for the OC GOP Central Committee in this cycle, at the request of a friend, but that office is not of much consequence. If anything it will give me more to write about...

Art's a good guy

Dear Art,
I agree with the reasons why you could not win and almost did not include your name in the list of Com-link candidates. The Unions went after you as you described. I also agree that ward elections will fix the problem. I also wish you would reconsider running again. Have a safe weekend!


The ironic thing is what Art has hit on somewhat, that the city wide election designed to throttle neighborhood candidates and grass roots activits is going to reduce if not eliminate the number of anglos and asians who can get elected to the council.

Somebody should raise up the old Measure C from the ashes and get district elections going again. Then maybe the PTA and neighborhood activits won't have to go to Las Vegas.

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