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May 24, 2006



I like this one, but I'm not sure the average voter is going to know to much about eminent domain or inverse condemnation.

And, I don't read this as hard hitting because he doesn't even mention his opponents. Perhaps Armando get rent some biggers stones in the days leading up to the election.

The KELO decision and eminent domain have become hot topics lately. You bet most home owners know about eminent domain. In fact a large area of Garden Grove which is also in the 69th AD, nearly got wiped out by Bruce "the bulldozer" Broadwater through eminent domain. Luckily the residents mobilized, and with some assistance from Senator Joe Dunn, saved the neighborhoods.

Armando Rocks

If he can get a piece of mail in the mailbox every day from here to the election, Armando wins this thing.


Did a tree just fall in the forest?

Yawning bigtime. Eminent domain is not even on the top ten issues 69th AD voters are concerned about so why is this so important to Armando. The talk of converting the eastern part of Garden Grove into a casino/entertainment area were just played out dreams that will never happen. On the other hand, eminent domain has allowed for an emerging tax base that has boosted revenues for the city... look at Costco, go to the hotels at Chapman and Harbor, the new residence /hotels at garden Grove and Haster. This type of effort by the city has improved Garden Grove , not hurt it

If he trying to get those conservative/anglo democrats with eminent domain he missing the mark again. It's law and order mail pieces that will go over with this group.

Voters/Residents/Homeowners don't like the idea of government taking their property for any reason, but might accept it for public need (school expansion, street widening, etc). The fact that the SA City Council voted to take privately-held land to reward a campaign contributor does raise questions in voters minds. Who do these councilmembers feel responsible to? I think the answer is clear.


I kinda like this piece, I think Jubal is right, pretty text heavy. I don't mind all the text, but the two headers in blue could definitely be a lot bigger and a different color, so much blue.

But I do think the immediate impact of the mailer is effective. I think people do have this as an issue they are worried about. Its not an issue that is on the top of someone’s mind, but it they will connect to this especially in Garden Grove.


I live in Garden Grove. Try finding any homeowner who will say that what the council has done at Chapman and Harbor, Haster and Garden Grove, Euclid and Garden Grove and along the 22freeway and tother areas has not made the city better. Try closing your eyes and remember what the city lookes like 10 - 15 years ago before you talk about what Garden Grove voters think


Yeah, take a good look at what the city of Santa Ana is doing in central Santa Ana. It's removing blighted overcroweded housing for more modern and safe housing. How's is this hurting Santa Ana??? I send my kids to St. Joseph catholic school and am exiting about the revilazation of this area. Santa Ana is getting better and not just staying the same.

And the winner is.....

Ryan Gene for Assembly

Truth Seeker

"The fact that the SA City Council voted to take privately-held land to reward a campaign contributor does raise questions in voters minds."

Ron Vinci, the owner of Honda Santa Ana owns a $ 300,000 Robinson R44 Raven Helicopter that he flies from his San Deigo home to a roof top heli pad at Honda Santa Ana.

Why did the city feel the need to hand him land and them pay him millions and his lawyers millions to take it from us???

Ron Vinci got a gift from the city.


There have been at least 4 pieces of negative IE mail in this race. First volley was shot by Claudia's friends at the CA Dental Association (mean dentists?) detailing Jose's special favors for campaign contributor Crevier BMW. Great photoshopped pictures of JS on that one. Then came 2 from SOL on Claudia - one featuring her face imposed as one of Arnold's "toy soldiers" (Jobs PAC connection) and the other blaming her for high gas prices (contributions from Chevron Texaco). Not to be outdone, Claudia's friends (at Jobs PAC, as I recall, but I could be wrong) point out the differences between Jose's public statements and his council votes. I love the evil green Martian Jose on this one.
I have a tough time understanding some of the positive mail sent out by those two - a 20 page booklet on Health Tips from Alvarez? And then a 60 page soft bound paperback from Jose detailing his life to date. WEIRD EXPENSIVE STUFF.
Can someone explain, please?


Jose wanted billboards and Richie figured the paperback would be cheaper and still massage the Jose's ego.

The health tips is just an attempt to show a kinder, gentler Claudia not in evidence at City Council meetings.

At last report, Armando was studying both publications.


I felt it interesting the hit pieces I got from Alvarez were from IEs which she has no control over. Solorio's were addresssed from his headquarters. Maybe he's feeling the heat and she actually IS a kinder, gentler Claudia. I'll study this further...

Breaking News!

Breaking News:

Claudia Alvarez has sold Santa Ana City Hall to developers for $ 3300, claiming it will remove blight and bring in much needed tax money.

The planning committee along with Lisa Bist and Don Cribb are currently on the developers 200 foot yacht "researching" how best to approve the project without having to pay any capital gains taxes on all of their new multi million dollar beachfront homes.

Brian Bist is at home getting his toes painted.

More on this as it develops!

I have the two anti-Claudia pieces in front of me right now.
The Toy Soldier mailer (17-69-9) clearly says "Paid for by Strengthening Our Lives Through Education, Community Action and Civic Participation, a Coalition of Labor Organizations - Candidate PAC FPPC ID# 1285612" as does the Claudia/Oil Company mailer (17-69-11). Toy Soldiers has a logo for SOL as well. I don't know where Jose's campaign office is located, but they both also list a return address of 1516 N. Sycamore St., SA, CA 92701. If Jose's campaign really is housed there, one would suspect coordination, right?

At least Brian will have pretty toes when Lisa becomes Mayor in November!

More on that later...

God help us!

I really hope your kidding.

The only thing Lisa can run is her mouth and she does that poorly.

Lisa and her sad attempt at socially engineering the city towards a whiter future with her PIP and Vendor ordinances has even pissed off white folks.

I hope Lisa runs for mayor so we can all laugh her a** out of town.

Why does she want to be Mayor anyway?

Too prove who wears the pants in her house or to finish looting from the taxpayer.

Isn't that Mercedes paid off yet?

Bist is a nothing

Don't waste your breath talking about Lisa Bist. She ran un-opposed the first time she ran and then against a 19 year old for re-elected. She has NEVER NEVER NEVER had a real election. She couldn't get herself elected student body president...

Interesting you think this is Brian. I do know both he and Lisa very well and can tell you what he told me; that neither Bist bothers with the blogs about Santa Ana since the only people that post are the same eight that whine, excuse me, post in Giles Yahoo site and Pedroza's site and have never added anything constructive to the City.
As for Lisa, she had two easy elections which means she didn't have to raise money. Her votes are only what she feels are best for Santa Ana not any developers, she owes no one anything.
Other than being a great chef I'm not sure why the references to Brian staying home, he has worked at an architectural firm for quite some time.
When Lisa becomes mayor I hope they invite us all over for a celebration, I'm sure the food will be great.

When Hell Freezes Over

Yes, Lisa Bist will be a great Mayor when Cows fly.............dream on:)

Thomas Gordon

Here is the problem.

The above anon poster comes on here as well as the Yahoo site and OJ and "lurks" around in the background.

All of us that this anon poster complains about post under our REAL names and have indeed made many positive contributions to our City.

We all know who this anon poster is and by posting here anon tains her credibility
as does her anon "endorsement" of Ms Bist supposed run for mayor of Santa Ana.

I will say that Ms.Bist support of One Broadway Plaza and the PIP program have cost her much support.

Ms Bist as well as Ms Alvarez did indeed vote yes for OBP.

"There is a renaissance in Santa Ana," Alvarez happily announced before casting the final aye vote.

At least one current Bist and Alvarez supporter and current anon poster took out home-equity loans on Victorian houses to help fight the project, but are now allied with both Councilwomen.

Many people fought tooth and nail against OPB and remain skeptical of the Council to this day.

Below market cost beach front Hawaii condo's, free private jet rides and other special perks make the Council look less than honest.

Clean, fair, open, transparent, honest government......is that too much to ask?

Give me a break

In 6 months nobody will remember Lisa or Brian Bist or the 7 people from Wilshire Square/French Park neighborhood that like them. What you are witnessing on these blogs are the last gasps of councilmembers like Lisa Bist and Alberta Christy. Neighborhood activist type candidates that got elected when other councilmembers could not find real candidates to run and needed warm bodies to fill council seates.Pat Mcguigen was also from this mold although she was more of the PTA mom type but served the same purpose at that time. Dan Grisset, Dan Young,Rob Richardson got the Police and Fire Unions to hold thier nose and support these non-candidate candidates. The days when people like that get elected in Santa Ana are long gone. The new candidate type is the young college educated Chicano activist. No more neighborhood activists and no more PTA moms.


Give me a break- I'm not sure whether you're a)racist,b) sexist,c) elitist or d) all of the above.

I'm not a big fan of Lisa Bist but your "If you're not a young college educated Chicano activist you need not apply" brave new world is not any better.

Viva Geronsky

Dear Ms. Sundance,
I was not saying this new reality is a good thing, just that this is the reality. I have seen too many nice and not so nice "com-link" type neighborhood people attempt foolish runs for elected office. (Roy Russell, Winston Covington, Robert Henson, Art Pedroza, Sean Mill, Pat Mill, and many others) Not foolish because they tried, but foolish because they actually thought they could still run a "get my neighbors to help me silk screen signs and bumper stickers in my garage" campaign for a Santa Ana elected office. For Gringos to try that now in Santa Ana and think they can win is insane. Lisa Bist is just such a person BUT she was carried into office by Miguel Pulido & Rob Richardson who in turn got the Fire and Police Unions to endorse her. That was not enough either but she ended up running unopposed. Had Nadia Davis been able to figure out how to get to city hall 5 minutes earlier (She was pounding on the doors of city hall at 5:05PM) Lisa would still be organizing social events in Wilshire Square and nothing her handful of friends like Mr. Seely or Ms Older or the Mr. Bist post on this site will change that fact. In 6 months they will join Don Cribb and others trying to figure out how they can suck up to Mike Garcia or other current members of the city council to get something done. You think the new model for candidates is not the young Chicano in thier 20's and 30's? OK Head to your garage and start printing those Geronsky for City Council Bumper stickers and then after you see I'm right after the election you can join the long list of bitter candidates and hangers on who snipe on line or move to Las Vegas.

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